Magic More Than Deal = Ad Free Commercial Radio

UK insurance brand More Than aims to maintain ongoing dialogue with customers and amplify its ‘offering more’ positioning via this Magic radio station ‘Indulgence’ sponsorship.


The objective is to ensure the brand remains front of mind across the whole year, to build awareness via the Indulgence Sponsorship as well as create tactical campaigns to run at key insurance periods.


The one-year £600,000 agreement, brokered by UM with Bauer Media, will include an hour-long ad-free programme on Sunday nights called the More Than Indulgence Show.


The deal also includes sponsorship of a weekly ‘Monday morning Indulgence break’ feature and four branded promotions through the year. The Sun & Alliance-owned insurer will also have brand presence on the radio station’s website.


The campaign idea was to create a multi-layered solution based around ownership of the Sunday Magic Indulgence Show. The integrated campaign included naming sponsorship rights over the Indulgence Show and ensured the programme ran commercial free throughout its entire broadcast – thus providing the listeners themselves with a clear benefit as well as boosting More Than’s cut through.


Other aspects of the campaign include advertorials, exclusive events, promotions, online and podcasts. Every week a different celebrity guest hosts the Indulgence show, playing their favourite songs. These also tie in with exclusive Indulgence events throughout the year featuring artists such as James Blunt, Gabrielle and James Morrison. Promotions and advertorials give More Than further on-air presence whilst online and podcasts supported the events and on air activity.


Post campaign launch survey results show that 76% of listeners say they understand the sponsorship and as a result feel warmer about the brand and 53% feel More Than offers more than any other insurer – an increase of 23% compared to before the activity.


Furthermore, 12% of listeners say that More Than is the only company they would consider using – a figure that is four times greater than before the sponsorship began.




As many listeners tune in to the radio habitually, radio is a sensible medium to achieve a long term front of mind objective throughout a 12 month period and to engage with a mass audience on a daily basis.

More Than chose Magic 105.4 largely because of its impressive ABC1 25 to 54-year-old London audience. By partnering with Magic over a prolonged period of time, MORE TH>N could maintain presence amongst this audience and create consistency with their ‘offering more’ message.







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