Lurpak Spreads Awarness Across UKTV Food

Lurpak launches an integrated sponsorship of UKTV – spanning both TV and online platforms – to boost awareness, enhance its brand status and highlight its values.


The six month sponsorship of UKTV Food on Sundays linked Lurpak to well-loved chefs appearing on the channel including Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith, James Martin, Keith Floyd and Rick Stein.


The sponsorship was fully integrated within UKTV Food’s website, with branded Mid Page Units and Leaderboads on every page.


Arla Foods’ objective behind the partnership is to enhance the status of Lurpak Butter and position it as a bold, confident brand. The client wantw to celebrate its classic nature and recruit a younger, more affluent consumer. UKTV Food provided a vehicle to underline the message that quality butter is an essential ingredient in any dish.


Preliminary research illustrated the effectiveness of the fit between Lurpak and UKTV Food. The audience is a good fit with UKTV Food’s adult profile being fairly upmarket with +18% more ABC1 than the multichannel average. Furthermore, its viewers spend more per week on groceries than average. The channel has steadily grown its number of ABC1w in recent years.


The marketing team commissioned independent research to evaluate the effectiveness of the sponsorship, in terms of awareness, brand perception, message delivery and the effect of online integration.


After the sponsorship Lurpak was the no.1 brand being bought by UKTV Food viewers. UKTV Food viewers also understood the brand positioning and values better than non-viewers. Regular sponsorship exposure enhanced Lurpak’s communication awareness by +16%. More specifically, regular Sunday UKTV Food viewers were over twice as likely to recall having seen, heard or read anything about the Lurpak brand.


In terms on line results, regular Sunday viewers were more likely to recall seeing the web creatives and to have clicked through to the target pages. The primary value of the web activity was that it extended the campaign reach beyond Sunday viewers, with high click-through rates being achieved among non UKTV Sunday viewers.


Perception imporved too, and of those aware of the sponsorship, more than 50% felt more positive towards the brand. There were no negative responses. 84% of UKTV Food viewers who were aware of the sponsorship felt that it was particularly appropriate for UKTV to be backed by Lurpak and 70% enjoyed the way that the sponsorship was communicated.




This sponsorship of UKTV Food on Sundays gave Lurpak the ideal platform to position the brand exactly at the heart of good food.


The fit between the channel’s viewership and our target audience was good and enabled the programme to be tightly targeted.


The results clearly demonstrates the success of the collaboration.





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