Guitar Hero & Absolute Radio: One Last Dream 2010

To promote the launch of the latest release of the classic Guitar Hero game, the brand’s marketers teamed up with Absolute Radio to run the One Last Dream competition. In line with Guitar Hero’s umbrella tagline ‘Unleash your inner rock star;, it targeted consumers who had missed their chance at fame – one last shot at guitar glory.


This was the third year of the collaboration and the 2010 competition’s aim was to bring the band back together in a bigger and better way.


The competition revolved heavily around sponsoring the Christian O’Connell Breakfast show. In previous editions of the competition the event run up had been quieter, but the 2010 build up to the Hard Rock Cafe launch event saw the Breakfast Show team challenge the winning band to write a new song, perform a gig at a guitar hero party at the Hard Rock Cafe and to record a single at Abbey Road.


The climax of the competition offered the winning reformed band the opportunity to perform a set live on stage at Hard Rock Calling, an event both Absolute Radio and Guitar Hero are involved in, and Absolute worked closely with the event organisers to ensure that there was full synergy on all platforms and that the event was a fitting climax to the competition.


The sponsorship included both on-air and online to events, as well as integrated special features such as sponsored pre-recorded promotional trails, shorter sponsor branded credits throughout the competition, blipverts on Absolute Radio Classic Rock, in-show feature in the Breakfast Show for “air guitar” kettle classic song requests and online sponsorship of the One Last Dream microsite including competitions and interactive content, voting and videos from the competition.


The prizes were a session at Abbey Road studios for the winners (Original Sinner) and the chance to perform at the Guitar Hero One Last Dream party at Hard Rock Cafe in London.


Guitar Hero further extended the partnership to become Absolute Radio’s commercial partner for the V Festival.




Guitar Hero and rock radio seems a sensible fit and the idea behind the campaign  offers a real band a shot at stardom thus bringing the central conceit of the game to life.


According to the brand and Absolut, the campaign led to impressive sales results and re-enforced Guitar Hero’s position as the music video game leader.








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