Coronita’s Web Experience For Cirque’s Corteo Tickets

Latin beer brand Coronita has become a presenting partner of Cirque du Soleil’s new spectacle – Corteo.


The collaboration is being activated via a web based ticket competition on the Modelo Europa’s Coronita Cerveza website.


The digital initiative from JWT (Spain) is an online experience which offers consumers the chance to upload their own images/portraits, or use their webcams, to paste their own faces into the Cricque du Soleil troupe. The idea is to assimilate users into the digital Cirque experience – to become one of the performers.


After each image has been uploaded, the site unveils details about the new troupe character – most of which are related to the performance roles and creative inspiration behind the new ‘Corteo’ show.


Participants of the web initiative are also entered for the ticket competition.


Consumers are being drive tto the digital experience with both outdoor billboards and press advertising.




The partnership with this established, yet revolutionary circus troupe fits in neatly with Coronita’s umbrella idea – ‘Experience the extraordinary’. Indeed, much off the brand’s marketing is based around unique and memorable experiences.


But this online experience isn’t particularly immersive, nor does the marketing initiative come close to matching the entertainment providing by Cirque du Soleil.







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