Brazilian Tourist Agency’s ‘House’ World Cup Invite Ad

With less than a year to go before the FIFA 2014 World Cup (and something of a lull in the grass roots citizen street protests), Brazilian tourist agency Embratur is rolling out a new 2014 tournament themed marketing campaign led by social media.


Spanning seven countries – Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, the UK and the US (all of which have qualified for the competition) – the campaign is led by a new spot called ‘Home’.


The creative, which revolves around the idea that Brazil is preparing for a lavish grand party in a beautiful house, acts as an invitation and aims to showcase what the country has to offer all visitors coming to next summer’s World Cup.


The work draws parallels between the natural and unique beauty of Brazil and via metaphors invites all tourists to feel at home in Brazil.



It is reported that (US)$10m is being invested in this particular campaign in 2013.


The money is being spent on these chosen markets primarily because they are among the nations who have applied for the highest number of World Cup tickets (after the host nation itself).


This list is headed by the USA and, in addition to the other countries targeted by this campaign strand, also includes Australia and Japan.


The work follows neatly from previous Ministry Of Tourism marketing and continues Embratur’s ‘The World Meets In Brazil. Come Celebrate Life’ central idea.


This ongoing approach includes last summer’s campaign focusing on the Brazilian way of life through a combination of the nation’s diverse nature and extraordinarily rich culture where people from different backgrounds live in harmony.


This work began rolling out last August through an ambitious online campaign targeting at a staggering 1.2 billion people across 100 countries and aiming to leverage Brazil’s 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.


As well as film work,



the initial campaign hubs around a central website at www.VisitBrasil.com – which is now available in seven languages – which in turn links to an ever growing set of  other newly launched sites including a Facebook page that shows the 12 cities hosting World Cup games with a Tripadvisor plug-in of best rated hotels.


The site also links to two apps: one of which shows 360-degree images of Brazil, while the other is a game called Brasil Quest (available as a free download for iPhone, Android and iPad).


This game app revolves around an alien called ‘Yep’ and his journey from space to Brazil where he tours around the 12 host cities.


The game was launched in New York’s Times Square in the autumn of 2012



Effectively this is an app-led tourist guide in a gaming format.


The site also links to the initiative’s YouTube site (at www.youtube.com/visitbrasil) which also launched in 2012 (in tandem with Google itself) and the channel already boasts around 500 videos.


Embratur has also been working with Google since late 2012 to collate a major gallery of images from across the nation on a Facebook page.


On the B2B side of its strategy, Embratur has also developed another site called Brasilnetwork.tur.br with trade support, maps and video/images for media use.




Brazil expects at least 600,000 fans and tourists for the start of the World Cup on 12 June next year and anticipates a huge boost for Brazilian businesses and the economy.


While FIFA itself may have repeatedly expressed its concerns with the rate of construction and preparation for the Brazil World Cup in a fairly public manner, the country’s tourist agency certainly does not appear to be one of the World Cup host nation functions dragging its feet.


Despite a long term, complex strategy unifying both the World Cup and The Olympics, this mature and integrated, global campaign is well under way across a wide range of platforms and challenges.


‘We are confident that tourists will be well served and that the World Cup will be held to its fullest, bringing in economic returns as well as returns in image recognition and brand recognition of the country due to the global projection of the events,’ says Embratur President Flavio Dino.




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