Brazilian Bank Itaú’s Rock In Rio Interactive Experiences

Who hasn’t wondered quite what it would be like to be on a stage in front of a huge audience?


And what might that be like in this new performance era of hi-tech innovation?


These thoughts lay at the core of Brazilian agency Tudo’s work for financial brand Itaú’s Rock In Rio activation.


The Brazilian bank, the music festival’s financial sponsor, focused on a range of initiatives designed to improve the festival goers’ experience.


This began right from the very start of its integrated work with a fresh take on the ticket giveaway phase.


Itaú worked with local musicians and organised pitches for them to play on Rio’s streets in the lead-up to the festival. When passers-by stopped to watch the band and listen to the tracks, the musicians would randomly stop in the middle of a song and gave watchers tickets to Rock in Rio as a way of saying  ‘Thank you for encouraging my music’.


The bank gave away 80 tickets in this pre-event promotional phase.



On-site campaign elements included an Itaú locker house for safe storage, a raised photo booth which enabled music lovers to have their picture taken high above the crowds and share the shots through their social networks and an event closing initiative which saw the brand distribute 115,000 golden key flashing bracelets to the crowd to help light up the whole festival site.
But perhaps the most innovative 2013 activation element saw Itaú launch the ‘Astro do Rock’ (the Rock Headliner) scheme which offered sets of three aspiring young musicians – a drummer, a guitarist and a singer – a chance to get a taste of the experience of what it is like take to the stage at a huge festival.


As these festival going amateur musicians took their spot on the branded stage, music blared out and a huge screen came to life showing the huge crowd from the performers’ perspective.


Videos were produced of their ‘virtual performance experience’ (including the fans reaction) and these could also be shared via social media as well as kept.




With and 1,365 Astro do Rock videos (and 2,127 photos) shared during the festival there certainly seemed a significant appetite for the bank-provided experience.


Personalised, event-related content than is both shareable and which can be kept forever is a great way to add to the live consumer experience and provide a lifelong event reminder.


Lighted wristbands, provided the branding doesn’t overshadow their functionality, can certainly be an effective method of uniting a crowd and brining it together in a fun way.


But surely tying these experiences and this content into the core function and service of the sponsor brand – ie banking and financial services, wristband payment etc – might have helped ensure the sponsor was a relevant part of the festival.




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