Augmented Reality Events In Adidas Scotland New Kit Launch


Early December, following on from the Euro 2012 draw, adidas unveiled the new Scotland kit with an augmented reality ambient launch.


The initiative took place at Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow and was displayed on the shopping centre’s giant screen.


Shoppers were encouraged to stand on a marked out spot on the floor, from which they could see themselves on screen standing next to one of the Scotland stars wearing the kit.


Thus enabling members of the public to interact with their idols and share in their football skills in a unique way.


The idea behind this kind of augmented reality technology is to brings fans closer to the action. Furthermore, despite being used in the UK for other launch events (such as Lynx’s ‘Angels Will Fall’ initiative), but it is still novel (and fun enough) to generate good PR coverage.


The creative ran under the tagline ‘The Thread That Binds Us’ and is part of the brand’s umbrella ‘All In’ concept.




While this is not necessarily an entirely original approach, adidas should be applauded for investing in this kind of initiative for a shirt launch in what is a fairly small market for them (and for a team that failed to qualify for adidas flagship 2012 sponsorship event Euro 2012.)


At least an end of year launch for a national team with no games left to play and no tournament hype, meant that the shirt launch had little other national team media clutter to cut through.




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