Hackett & Lotus Focus On Heritage, Style & Clothing

Activation via new media platforms or future facing technology was in short supply when it came to the launch of the partnership between F1’s Lotus Racing and fashion brand Hackett. Rather the focus was on traditional platforms and particularly Hackett’s products themselves.


Hackett became the team’s Official Clothing Supplier for the 2010 season and the focus of the partnership was all about the clothes themselves. The F1 team – from drivers to pit crew and senior management – wore Hackett London’s distinctively styled clothing throughout the season.


The Hackett logo features on cars and on race day clothing and the brand has a set of impressive hospitality rights. Drivers are fitted with bespoke clothes from existing Hackett ranges for Lotus related events. Hackett did produce a limited edition 500th Grand Prix polo shirt as a short 500 product run collector’s item. But the clothing brand says it is waiting for the relationship to develop before making a decision as whether it develops a further range of Lotus clothing.




The combination of these two iconic (originally) British brands aims to bring a sense of classic British style and tailoring to the F1 space. The aim of the partnership is to bring back some of the British style and savoir faire that was a hallmark of the original golden era of Lotus racing and its drivers such as Jim Clarke and Graham Hill.


Hackett which also sponsors classic events associated with a certain blend of style and heritage – such as The Boat Race, The Army Polo Team, The London Rowing Club and Henley, as well as other racing properties which include Aston Martin Racing and the Le Mans 24 Hour Race – does look to connect with classic British properties.


Whether the global public and F1 fans will feel that the revived Lotus team and its owners and backers remain a good fit with this British heritage remains to be seen.





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