Moa Mocks Telecom NZ With Anti-Abstinence Ambush Activity

While advertising legislation is reducing the number of ‘beer gets you sex’ ad messages from alcohol brands, this piece of Rugby World Cup guerilla work from beer brand Moa takes the opposite approach with a ‘sex gets you beer’ message.


To make the most of the controversy and media frenzy around official All Blacks sponsor Telecom New Zealand’s disastrous ‘Abstain For the game’ campaign, Moa’s latest ambush work encourages consumers to have as much sex as possible during the Rugby World Cup taking place in New Zealand in this Autumn.


They are evening offering consumer a reward for their sexual activities.


Customers are encouraged to visit Moa Beer’s Facebook page before the tournament kicks off on 9 September. There they are invited to post with the number of points they think Dan Carter will score during the RWC and then match each of his points with a sexual encounter during the period.


Those who guess the right points total and the match it with the right number of sexual encounters will receive a case of Moa 1.5L magnums.


Moa is supporting the campaign with Moa branded anti-abstinence condoms.


Its own website even suggests the following (unconfirmed) promotional taglines:

  • Slip through the gap
  • Slot one between the sticks
  • Score in the corner
  • Get over the line
  • Get right in behind the team




It’s a marketing cliché, when others zig, you zag. This is exactly what Moa did to ambush official All Blacks sponsor telecom NZ’s failed ‘Abstain for the game’ campaign.


When a media frenzy whips up around a pulled sponsorship campaign, it gives ambush marketers an ideal platform to leverage the event itself and to mock competitors.


While Telecom NZ’s PR machine may be working overtime to patch up the mistake, other brands are deepening the damage.


Unless, of course, you still believe in that other marketing cliché – all publicity is good publicity.







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