‘The Museum Of Harlequins’ Film Celebrates Famous Rugby Club’s 150th Anniversary

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Harlequins, one of the world’s most famous rugby union clubs, is celebrating its 15-th anniversary with the launch of a film called ‘The Museum Of Harlequins’ that mixes the London team’s past, present and future.


The video aims to bring the clubs values and successful history to life: it stars members of the current team in an environment created to pay homage to its heritage.


The film, which was developed in harness with the London based sports marketing agency Dark Horses, takes the current squad and the viewer on a journey through a Harlequins museum as it explores the club’s greatest moments since 1866.


The 150th anniversary film is being amplified across the clubs various channels and platforms: from YouTube



and Twitter



to Facebook,



and to all those on the clubs email database.


It is further supported by a ‘Making Of The Museum of Harlequins’ online video which takes fans behind the scenes of the shoot and is released on 3 May.


“We wanted to create something to celebrate our rich heritage and history, but also to showcase our innovative style, restless nature and our continual strive for improvement and development in everything we do, encompassed in our motto, ‘Nunquam Dormio’,” says Harlequins Director of Communications Imogen Gaunt.


“We feel we have achieved this with Dark Horses through this film and want to thank them and the team for their patience and creativity in producing a video that pushes the boundaries and celebrates everything Harlequins, from our players to our supporters.”


Dark Horses Founder and MD Simon Dent added, “It’s been a huge pleasure working with Imogen and her team. Quins are the best example of a modern professional rugby club both on and off the field. It was an honour to work with one of the world’s oldest clubs and create a film that heroes its rich history in a contemporary way.”


The film also acts as a promotional bridge to the club’s current membership drive for next season – a campaign it is rolling out to maximise interest in the club and the sport as the Aviva Premiership season comes towards a climax.






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