Arsenal Is First Premiership Club To Launch ‘Amazon Alexa Skill’ 

Arsenal Amazon 1

Late April sees Arsenal become the first football club to leverage the rise of the intelligent personal assistant and home speaker trend in the form of an Amazon Alexa Skill.


The Arsenal skill, developed by digital agency AKQA, enables fans in the UK and the USA to live stream matches through their Amazon Echo devices and access pre-match build-up, line-ups, live commentary, score updates, and post-match analysis.


Plus, fans are also able to access club information on non-matchdays.


The Arsenal Skill can be enabled via the skills section of the Amazon Alexa app (search for ‘Arsenal’ and select ‘enable Skill’ to get started, or just say ‘Alexa, enable Arsenal’) and is also available on Fire TV.


In the future it will be introduced to more non-Amazon devices.


‘It is fantastic to be able to offer our supporters another digital channel to access all the club news,’ says Arsenal head of marketing Charles Allen.


‘It is an easy, efficient and innovative way for fans with Alexa devices to keep up with the team and bring the matchday action to their own homes.’


AKQA managing director Sam Kelly adds: ‘Arsenal have always been a club about the future and bringing the Arsenal fan experience to new platforms. The Arsenal Alexa Skill demonstrates their investment and commitment to innovation for their fans, allowing them to live stream every game to the Amazon Echo platform.’


Activative Comment:


‘Skills’ are Alexa’s in-built capabilities that enable users to interact with devices (like Amazon Echo and Echo Dot) using voice.


Amazon’s virtual assistant can tell you all sorts of info on a range of topics, including sports content, but Arsenal have certainly gone a step further.


But can Alexa answer the key question about whether Arsene Wenger will be Arsenal’s manager next season?




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