Intel’s 360-Degree All-Star Instant Replay Activates MLB Partnership

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Intel is one of several companies seemingly determined to ensure 360 Degree Replays become a pillar of sports broadcasting and it is using its partnership with Major League Baseball to X


Mid July’s Major League Baseball All-Star Weekend saw the chip designer brought its 3D capture technology and its 28 strong camera units to San Diego’s Petco Park


Never before seen in baseball, Intel’s technology positions no less than 28 cameras around the field to show plays from nearly any angle.


Thus, for the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and the MLB All-Star Game presented by MasterCard (held between 10 – 12 July) the 3D system ensures everyone from the umpires, to the live spectators and the fans watching from home (on MLB Network, ESPN and Fox), as well as those using digital and mobile platforms of could see the plays from every angle and be in no doubts about whether base runners are safe or not.



The objective is to use the technology to create a more engaging visual baseball experience for fans by offering up a unique perspective of the stand out plays and the best of the on-field action and further details of the system are available through the Intel’s Replay Technologies web page (at




The move is part of Intel’s ongoing drive to reinvent sports experiences.


This is yet another strand to the ever expanding 3D sports offering – although there are no specific details about whether the system will expand to other stadiums through the regular MLB season.


From 3-D visual capture systems to sensors and wearables, Intel is just one MLB partner working hard to use technology to reinvent the way baseball players train and how fans watch and interact with sports.


As well as its work with MLB, Intel has also recently partnered with sports property owners such as the NBA, NFL, ESPN and the X Games and Red Bull (see case study) and music events like The Grammys (see case study) to offer a range of immersive new entertainment experiences.





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