Carlsberg Chugger Squad Reward Generous Public In Euro Ticket Street Stunt

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Carlsberg’s Euro 2016 marketers continues to have fun with fresh twists on its ‘If Carlsberg did…’ concept in the UK with a charity chugger comedy street stunt strand – called ‘Giving Getting’ – in its ongoing tournament activation.


The official beer brand of UEFA’s flagship national property adds a new twist to its long running tagline with fake charity fundraisers handing out free tickets to unsuspecting members of the public who are prepared to donate 90 minutes of their valuable time to their country.


This street stunt saw a fourt-strong team of ‘superchuggers’ work a crowded London train station with the usual relentlessly annoying street fundraising behaviour to persuade the public away from their busy day and give up 90 minutes of their precious time to their nation.


The unsuspecting donors generous enough to give up their time were instantly rewarded with pairs of Euro 2016 tickets to watch England in France this summer.


Of course, this is classic film footage to drive comedy-led social sharing and the stunts YouTube spot was launched on 4 May.



The copy line continued the ‘If Carlsberg did substitutions’ idea seen the previous month when the brand adopted a similar tactic to give away tickets to kind tube travellers who gave up their seats to a heavily made-up Chris Kamara (see case study).


The stunt’s social content assets also incentivise consumers to follow @CarlsbergUK and tweet #SubMeOn (before midnight on 6 July) to enter Carlsberg’s UEFA Euro 2016 enhancing prize promotion.


’As the official beer of Uefa Euro 2016 we want to build excitement ahead of the tournament this summer,’ explained Carlsberg’s senior brand manager Dharmesh Rana.


‘As the domestic season comes to an end our aim is to get the nation to substitute their clubs for their country and to be able to reward football fans with the chance to go France and support the England team is something we’re really proud to do.’




There are a fair few football fans who think the England national team are something of a charity – especially when it comes to the defence, but this street stunt certainly adds a fresh twist on the army of charity fundraisers who roam the streets of London.


By bringing some humour to the mild everyday annoyances of the endlessly earnest and artificially over enthusiastic charity mugger phenomenon, the brand is demonstrating both creative skill and genuine insights into everyday life on the British capital city’s pavements.


The stunt also leverages peak Premier League interest – piggy backing increased interest in the game as the domestic season reaches a climax and the England squad announcement is made.


In addition to the similar ‘Kamara London Underground’ stunt, this ticket promotion street stunt activation phase follows Carlsberg’s earlier (and ongoing) Euro 2016 ‘Great Euros Goals Recreations’ partnership with F2 Freestylers (see case study).




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