IOC TOP Partner Gillette Rolls Out ‘Perfect Isn’t Pretty’ Rio 2016 TV Spot

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TOP IOC partner Gillette launches its Rio 2016 campaign with its first 30-second Olympic spot called ‘Perfect Isn’t Pretty’ promoting its Fusion ProShi.


The commercial narrative focuses on the idea that while reaching a peak at the Games is a beautiful, the training path on the way – the sacrifices, the pain and the anguish to attain precision – is anything but beautiful.


The ad closes by connecting Games training to its own filed of expertiose with the copy line: ‘When it comes to shaving, the best is within your grasp with Gillette Fusion ProShield’



The campaign is part of the brand’s new Olympic campaign revolving around its global roster of athletes led by partnerships with four prominent professional athletes: Brazilian football team captain Neymar, reigning decathlon Olympic champion Ashton Eaton, Asian 100-meter freestyle record holder Ning Zetao and Team GB cyclist Andy Tenant.


Several of its athlete ambassador deals have been in place for a while now, but Gillette has been waiting until closer to the Rio Summer Games before starting to activate around them.


For example, Neymar penned his Gillette brand ambassador for Latin America back >in September 2015, while others like Eaton have worked with P&G before – such as during the 2012 London Games.






Most IOC partners have assembled an athlete ambassador team to activate around and connect with specific regions and markets.


Indeed, Eaton is also endorsing Coca-Cola and Visa at Rio 2016.


Gillette’s parent company P&G pays upwards of $1bn per each four-year Olympic Games cycle for its personal care and household products category IOC TOP partnership.


P&G’s sponsorship (which in previous Games has been linked by the parent brand’s fantastic ‘Proud Sponsor Of Mums’ umbrella initiative – see case study) will encompass a variety of its brands in addition to Gillette, such as Tide, Charmin and Head & Shoulders which are all expected to launch work in the coming weeks.


Gillette is one of several IOC partners to launch a core Olympics campaign with four months to go before the start of Rio 2016.


Other partners who have recently kick-started their Olympic activation include McDonald’s kids’ participation ‘Friends Win’ programme (see case study), Samsung’s unknowns’ short film series (see case study) and Visa’s stunning ‘The Heart’ spot (see case study).


Expect other official partners to follow in very close proximity as the clock counts down towards the Rio Olympic Games.




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