Arsenal & Puma Launch World’s First Left-Footed Football

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Arsenal and kit partner Puma joined forces to create the world’s first football designed for left-footed players.


The left-footed ‘evoPOWER’ has been developed by Puma technologists to increase the accuracy, power and precision of left-footed players.


The campaign is led by a comic spot featuring a technical explanation from Puma senior product line manager for footballs Keith Woods and appearances from a slew of first team players.


‘Turning the grain gives left-footers better [purchase….’



Promoted across social channels – particularly Twitter and YouTube.




The spoof makes out one can buy the ball from the Arsenal shop and even has a competition element, with consumers urged to ‘Click here for your chance to win a signed ball’.


The campaign aims to drive Arsenal digital membership and sign up to the free Arsenal Player service – which offers everything from match action, highlights and training videos.




What can we say?


Other than, it’s an oldie, but a goodie!




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