Omega Activates ‘Solar Impulse 2’ Eco Adventure Partnership

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Watch giant Omega is activating its partnership with round-the globe sun-powered plane project ‘Solar Impulse’ with an eco-accented campaign that includes a live video feed from the aircraft’s cockpit.


Omega is broadcasting Solar Impulse 2’s historic journey across its international platforms revolving around a project-specific web hub.


Activation strands range from online films on Omega’s YouTube Channel,



and its Twitter feed,



to a web-based image-led project timeline, a live blog link, plus technical explanation pieces about Oemga’s contributions (such as its lightweight landing lights system and its Omega instrument control panel) and (inevitably) a project related product-promotion.


The campaign primarily connects Omega to the project through its technology-sharing programme and shared environmental values.


Omega has provided the Solar Impulse team with its signature technological expertise to help meet the goal of circumnavigating the planet in a plane powered only by energy from the sun.


The digitally-led creative emphasises the eco synergies between the Solar Impulse project and Omega – revolving around a shared concern for the planet’s finite resources.


The campaign’s supporting copy compares the innovative flying project to the 1960’s lunar landings (but with an environmental focus): ‘Priorities have changed and OMEGA and its Solar Impulse partners have successfully tapped into the power of the sun to address our planet’s pending ecological crises.


Of course, the watch partner has also released a limited edition product – the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse – to celebrate (and monetise) the project.


The brand worked with Solar Impulse project leads Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg on the timepiece concept (which was tested by the European Space Agency) and is being worn in-flight by the Solar Impulse 2 pilots.





It’s not quite as thrilling as Red Bull Straos (see case study), but this is certainly an emotive project that has a focus on pioneering spirit, exploring new horizons and technical innovation


The watch brand is one of four main tier partners – the others are ABB, Schindler and Solvay.


A slew of other partners, sponsors and supporters are involved in the project and include Altran, Bayer, Google, Moet Hennessy, Swiss Re, SwissCom,  Abu Dhabi, Aditya Birla, Brisa, Foundation Prince Albert II Monaco, Government Of Mocao, Masdar, Air Liquide, BKW, Clarins, Dassault Systems, McKinsey, Nestle, Semper, STG, Toyota, Victorinox )(and many others)




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