Robinsons’ Wimbledon ‘Play Thirsty’ & ‘Squash’d’ Mix Old School & New-Tech Tennis

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Robinsons aims to inspire British families to ‘Play Thirsty’ this summer as it activates its Wimbledon partnership by offering free and fun ways for families to enjoy tennis.


The campaign, created by agency BBH London, is an integrated, multi-phased activation programme to leverage rights at The Championships which famously do not include any on-site signage other than the brand’s product presence beneath the umpire’s chair.


The work by the BBH team was led by creatives Marc Rayson and Callum Prior.


It opened with a national press campaign, shot by star photographer Nick Meek, celebrating the brand’s own pride in ‘Quenching the thirst of Wimbledon since 1935’.


The press work links to an online strand based around a digital hub which includes a set of six Robinsons ‘Play Thirsty’ tennis video tutorials with brand ambassador, coach and the mother of 2013 men’s champion Judy Murray.


These include ‘Fun With Coach Murray’,



and ‘Down The Tubes’,



This digital element of the initiative provides games for mothers, fathers and children to play together whilst learning the core tennis skills that could prepare and inspire the kids to become future tennis stars.


The base content for this online video lessons phase sees Murray focus on key tennis skills from ‘static and dynamic balance’, ‘agility’ and ‘coordination’ within fun, active games accessible by all because they don’t require any specialist equipment, or access to a sport club or professional coach.


It also includes a competition which runs in parallel with the brand’s on-pack Wimbledon promotion.


Families can be in with a chance to win by entering a unique code to the Robinsons squash website at


On TV Robinsons is again running the powerfully emotive reworked 2013 version of its original 2009 ‘Imagine’ spot which was updated last year following Andy Murray’s home triumph.


The aim behind the TV work is partly to drive consumer awareness of the competition and thus the  a new end frame introduces the exclusive VIP family experience and drives consumers directly to store to pick up a pack and enter the competition online.


The Britvic owned brand is offering families a one-off VIP tournament experience as part of its activity around its Robinsons brand at this year’s Wimbledon.


On-pack Robinsons is offering tennis fans the chance to experience Wimbledon for themselves with a giveaway offering tickets to Robinsons’ luxury VIP suite for the Wimbledon Ladies Final and a knockabout with Tim Henman.


The promotion will run across all Robinsons everyday squash variants, including 1L Single Concentrate, 500ml Double Concentrate (DC) 1.25L, DC and 1.75L DC bottles.


Point of sale, including gondola ends and posters, will support the push in-store.


In total, eight VIP experiences are available to be won via the on-pack mechanic and a further two sets through social media competitions – as Robinsons is also running an additional social media strand in parallel, albeit slightly disconnected to ‘Play Thirsty’.


This social media push sees the tournament’s drinks partner turn to Twitter with a humorous attempt to for once and for all settle the Henman Hill and Murray Mound naming debate at Wimbledon.


This socially-led work creates a mock ‘name’ battle fought between brand ambassadors Judy Murray and Tim Henman – each fighting the cause for their surnames.


This revolves round a silly 40-second ad aired initially on YouTube called #HenmanHill vs #MurrayMound.



The film, created by Iris Worldwide, encourages consumers and tennis fans themselves to join the debate by tweeting their preferred name


While Henman and Murray take on additional filmed challenges in the All England Club grounds to simultaneously demonstrate their skills and the portability of Robinsons Squash’d.


The winner will be announced on 27 June in a second version of the spot.


The commercial’s creative director was Andy Taylor and the copywriter and art director was Luke Renton, while the producers were Cordelai Plunket and Fiona Campbell and the production company was Knock Knock.


Media planning was run by M/SIX.


‘Robinsons Squash’d has become a true participation brand – its users are open and engaged in the content it’s creating, and feel involved in what the brand is doing,’ says Iris’ Taylor.


‘At a time when all Brits are talking about Wimbledon, we’ve been able to stand out and bring to life the product benefits in a relevant, different and yes, slightly comical way.’


‘Wimbledon is one of Britain’s best-loved events, and we wanted tennis fans to feel part of the competitive build-up in bringing together three of Britain’s favourite things: Wimbledon, squash, and Murray… or Henman, depending on whose side you’re on,’ outlines Robinsons brand director Helen Gorman.




There is a nice feel to the blend of old school, traditional advertising and exploiting newer technology platforms within the wider activation.


Although it doesn’t quite seem that the different strands share quite as much synergy as they might.


However, all elements are certainly family-focused.


‘Robinsons aims to get families to play more as part of their everyday lives, and Wimbledon provides a perfect opportunity for us to inspire families by getting them to have a go at tennis with our tips and tricks,’ explains GB marketing director Jonathan Gatward.


‘Our on-pack promotion is sure to catch the attention of mum in-store and we can engage the whole family through our online content and opportunities to win more prizes.


‘Connecting Robinsons and Wimbledon to families through a national promotion such as this will ensure that Robinsons is in the kitchen over the summer months, when kids are hard at play and looking for a refreshing drink that they enjoy, that doesn’t cost mum a fortune.’


The Wimbledon activation is part of an annual £7m investment in the squash brand by soft drinks manufacturer Britvic.


This year marks squash brand Robinsons 79th year in partnership with Wimbledon and extremely impressive, long term relationship.


Although not quite as long as Slazenger’s 112-year Wimbledon partnership celebrating in its 2014 Championships campaigns.


See case study.




Robinsons Wimbledon Website


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Wimbledon Website

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