About Us


Creative and strategic intelligence fuelling game-changing sports and sponsorship marketing


Activative is a global sports + entertainment marketing intelligence provider providing creative and strategic intelligence on campaigns, activation, tactics and trends across the sports and sponsorship marketing space for clients including rights holders/property owners, sponsors/ambushers, sports brands and creative/media agencies.


We provide bespoke consultancy and a subscription service based on our 3 core offerings: Source, Platform & Insight


> Activative Source showcases the world’s most innovative and important sports + entertainment partnership activation. We identify and analyse the campaigns you need to know about to stay at the forefront of the evolving leverage landscape. This dual ‘online database’ and ‘weekly newsletter’ service provides access to 1000s of case studies (analysing objectives, strategies, tactics, creative assets, property-relevance, trends, technologies and results, plus our own insights and learnings.


> Activative Platform is a curated digital magazine providing real-time sponsorship activation news and views by aggregating key industry stories, films, features, opinion and comment from 1000+ global sources (Websites, RSS, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) spanning property owners, rights holders, governing bodies, sponsors, brands, agencies and leading industry thinkers. Ensuring subscribers are up-to-date with the very latest sponsorship work and insights.


> Activative Insight is a monthly briefing report service that offers a deeper-dive into a specific property or a contemporary sponsorship activation trend, strategy or technology. These reports not only analyse topic-relevant sponsorship activation and ambush activity, but also reference them to relevant previous work, explore the key drivers of change and link activation to socio-cultural, economic and technology trends to provide a more holistic perspective.

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We Believe…
…that rights owner marketing and sponsor activation is now more creatively and strategically complex than ever – but the potential rewards are far greater too. The challenge for marketers is to keep up with the most relevant ways of maximising value and to stay ahead of the competition. Activative provides intelligence and insight services that help our clients – rights owner marketers, brand sponsorship/partnership teams, sports + entertainment agencies and other relevant professional services – remain at the forefront of this evolving landscape.


Our role…
…is to advise, analyse, explore, filter and stimulate marketers across the entire space – from traditional sponsorships, to brand tie-ins, strategic collaborations and commercial partnerships. We provide clients and subscribers with trends insights, activation stimulus, creative idea generation, competitor/sector analysis and strategic planning. Through our spearhead campaign case study monitoring source, our breifing reports, curated digital magazine and our bespoke research and consultancy we guide sponsorship professionals through this changing space.


The old sponsorship model – based on one directional brand-biased claims, vanilla hospitality, badging brands with logos, eyeball metrics, cost per thousand, reach and frequency – is being replaced by one founded on authenticity, customisation, dialogue, interactivity and permissive engagement. Partnerships are flourishing in this new communications environment as brands seek symbiotic and passionate platforms around which to build consumer conversations. So we focus on emerging strategies and tactics, original and innovative ideas, future-facing media and new technologies across the sponsorship community – from sports, music, arts and culture, to education, ecology, cause and CSR.


Activative looks beyond the sponsorship stalwarts of logo rights, arena billboards, shirt sponsorship, celebrity spokespeople, on-pack ticket promotions and traditional above-the-line advertising, and focuses on original ideas and fresh initiatives that leverage new technologies and trends, including: ambush and guerrilla work; branded content and entertainment; blogs and social media; consumer creation; experiential and interactive; gaming and video; utilities; word of mouth; and relationship marketing.


We seek out the unconventional, champion daring ideas and analyse breakthrough thinking. Our team is committed to innovative thinking. We are not a mouthpiece for the profession, the rights holders or the sponsors themselves. The real value of our work lies in linking trends and making connections, exploring new ideas and identifying original approaches. We offer independent research and objective analysis and use this to make directional insights and actionable recommendations.


For further information please email contact@activative.co.uk or call us on 02081445345 / 07818416572