Twitter Leverages Lionesses At UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Via ‘Share Your Roar Tweet Scarves’

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Microblogging and social networking service Twitter leveraged UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 by turning tweets support England Football’s women’s team, the tournament host, into messages on a series of limited-edition football scarves which were then distributed to fans (including the user who posted the original tweet) in stadiums through the tournament.


The initiative was carried out via a Twitter Marketing tie-up with The FSA (a national, democratic, representative body for football supporters in England) and the aim was to reinforce support for the Lionesses, connect the social media platform to the fans and the team by linking the digital space to a traditional physical football symbol of support and to bring social into the stadium, as well as to reinforce the power of Twitter posts.


To promote the initiative and encourage fans to include the @FreeLionesses handle and #ShareYourRoar hashtag to have their own messages considered for a scarf, the project featured limited edition scarves carrying tweets posted by England Football stars such as Lionesses skipper Leah Williamson, striker Bethany England and Lauren Hemp, a swell a real fan tweets in support of the side.





As well as highlighting the project across its own social platform, Twitter also released a ‘Twitter Share Your Roar’ campaign summary video championing the scarves the day after the final on 1 August.



The campaign was created for Twitter by DAVID (Madrid) where the team was led by Copy Writer Luca Trincanato and Art Director Alex Smissen.





One indication of the success of the initiative was that some of the players wore the scarves around their necks in the stadium after the final whistle for the on-pitch celebrations – bringing the brand on to the pitch and into the media the media coverage. Another success sign is that Twitter plans to re-ignite the tweet scarves for additional future football tournament including the 2022 FIFA Men’s and 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cups.




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