Brands Celebrate England Football’s UEFA Euro 2022 Victory After The Lionesses Brought It Home

England Win Euros 1

Sunday night/Monday morning saw a brand marketers rush to leverage England’s win in the UEFA Euro 2022 as, after 56 years of hurt, the Lionesses finally brought football home in front of 87,000 at Wembley, 5.9m BBC live streams and 17.4m broadcast viewers.


Companies of all types – from official sponsors and sportswear suppliers to ambush opportunists and national institutions – tumbled over one another to leverage the moment after England beat Germany 2:1 in the Final with low-latency congratulatory creative rolling out across social, OOH and projection work.


Official tournament sponsors, such as Pepsi Max (using an iconic English landmark) and Walkers (referencing a classic England football refrain) and England sponsor Dettol, all marked the moment by linking their brands to the win through the ‘Football’s Come Home’ refrain.





As did the winning team’s kit supplier Nike with its simple newspaper cover wrap.



England sponsor EE celebrated by reusing a famous England football quote from a previous era, while long-time women’s football supporter Barclays marked the occasion by looking to the future.




Amongst the notable tactical responses from other England Football sponsors, Budweiser took a classic British celebratory approach and bought a huge round of beers for 150,000 via a digital coupon tie-up with Tesco, while Lucozade Sport focused on social list-building with a signed Lionesses shirt contest and Weetabix applied its own classic commercial tagline to a simple social post and also used the old school sponsor ‘proud’ cliche to to mark the achievement.






National institutions, like the Royal Mail and the BBC, were also keen to share the nation’s joy – the former referencing the country’s anthem-originated football cliche and the latter projected a message of celebration on the National Football Museum in Manchester.




While Ocean Outdoor’s iconic Piccadilly Lights in London’s famous Piccadilly Circus also offered its own salute to the Lionesses.



Plus, brands with a track record of football ambush ads, such as Specsavers, reworked previous content to celebrate the side’s success.



Even companies like train outfit GWR, currently at the centre of a public furore around pay disputes and strikes, offered an antidote to recent public frustration by linking themselves to the happy moment.



While supermarket giant Sainsbury’s offered a more subtle billboard approach linking products to the team’s adopted song.




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