Activative Selects 11 Standout Campaigns From The Game-Changing UEFA Euro 2022

UEFA Euro 2022 1

From committed long-term partners and bandwagon jumpers, challenger brands, Gen Z targeters, open-minded marketers seeking diverse audiences, mass eyeball chasers and even unimaginative flag wrappers, to committed sponsors with established football heritages and, of course, global sportswear behemoths, UEFA Euro 2022 has proven to be a powerful marketing proposition and has generated some truly innovative work.


The Activative team has selected its squad of 23 standout campaigns.



1: Nike ‘Never Settle, Never Done‘ + ‘Rebel Girls‘ + ‘You’ve Never Seen England Like This


2: VW ‘Not Women’s Football


3: EE ‘Hope United – Not Her Problem


4: Visa ‘When More Of Us Play, We All Win


5: Heineken ‘The 12th Woman


6: Google Cloud ‘Quality Touch & Pride Dream Team


7: ‘Pitch View Penthouse


8: TikTok ‘Swipe Out Hate


9: PayPal ‘PayPal It Your Way’


10: LinkedIn ‘Follow In her Footsteps


11: Nationwide Building Society ‘Respect Starts Small


12: M&S Food ‘Eat Well, Play Well Challenge


13: Starling Bank ‘Women’s Euro Fantasy Football


14: Crédit Agricole ‘Together We Make Them Stronger


15: Cervezas Victoria ‘Victoria A Victoria


16: FFF ‘All With The Blues – Together We Are Not Afraid Of Anything


17: Gatorade ‘Match Official Programme


18: Dettol ‘Match Day Rituals


19: Barclays ‘It All Starts With A Chance


20: England Football/The FA ‘Our England


21: Puma/Copa90 ‘Do Both


22: Heineken ‘Cheers To All Fans


23: UEFA/Roblox ‘Hat Trick, Kai, Robyn and Ashley In The Metaverse’



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