Google Cloud Links Pride & Lionesses In Euro 2022 ‘Quality Touch’ & ‘Pride Dream Team’ Activations

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Google Cloud, the official data analytics partner of the England Team, activated its partnership with The Football Association (The FA) as the Lionesses host UEFA Euro 2022 through a two stage data led campaign including both ‘Quality Touch’ and ‘Pride Dream Team’.


Google Cloud worked with agency Forever Beta, WING London and a trio of England women’s stars – Georgia Stanworth, Jess Carter and Nikita Parris – on the creative which kicked-off on 1 July with a phase that saw the three player ambassadors choose their own iconic LGBTQ+ ‘Pride Dream Team’.


The trio were invited to pick their own five-a-side ‘Pride Dream Team’ and put conversations about Pride firmly in the mainstream in an activation strand that aimed to show similarities between the LGBTQ+ and footballing communities.


The core insight behind the first strand emerged from the idea of combining the fact that every Saturday people from all different walks of life come together to support their favourite football team, while every June a diverse mix of people from the LGBTQ+ community come together to celebrate Pride month.


Indeed, the joint marketing sought to blend two proud, passionate communities populated with iconic role models by offering a fresh twist on the traditional ‘Dream Team’ by asking a trio of Lionesses who would be on their ‘Pride Dream Team’.


The resulting campaign, which rolled out from the start of July, was led by a hero film following Carter, Parris and Stanworth’s selections: who ranged from Megan Rapinoe to Elton John.


The spot was deployed from the first day of July across the social channels of both Google and The Football Association (The FA) and the video and its supporting content invited football fans to join a conversation about LGBTQ+ icons.



The second stage of the activation programme aimed to more directly highlight the usefulness of Google Cloud’s products and services in team environments.


The ‘Google Cloud x The FA – Quality Touch’ film saw the same three players being duplicated and multiplied during a training session to create what Google Cloud calls ‘data chaos’ and explains how, when faced with an overwhelming amount of performance information data, the company helps The FA and England Football coaches to spot and understand match-winning winning insights from the data chaos and thus helps the teams find their quality touch.


The spot spans across Google Cloud owned platforms and ‘The Register’ – an editorial platform partner which expands on the main film with detailed technical articles.




“Many modern businesses know that to thrive, they need data. But, it’s not about how much you have. It’s how you use it,” explained Forever Beta Chief Creative Officer Paulo Areas. “The Google Cloud x FA partnership was the perfect opportunity to bring this idea to life in a fresh and unexpected way.”





This activation followed in the footsteps of Google Cloud’s 2021 ‘I Am Remarkable’ campaign and workshop in tandem with the England Lionesses to mark International Women’s Day as well as Google’s 2019 ‘The Offside Museum’ project to leverage the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Brazil.






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