Nike Leverages UEFA Euro 2022 & Champions Women’s Football Via ‘Never Settle, Never Done’

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In the first week of July, on the day UEFA Euro 2022 kicked off, Nike rolled out a campaign called ‘Never Settle, Never Done’ championing women’s football and showcasing the confidence, speed and technical ability shown by women on the top of their game.


‘Never Settle, Never Done’ was conceived by agency W+K London and aimed to portray the women’s game in a new light as the tournament got under way.


Led by a hero spot, the campaign features both elite big-name professional stars as well as up-and-coming aspiring players: Including England skipper Leah Williamson, France forward Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Spain and Barcelona star Alexia Putellas, plus Danish attacking midfielder Pernille Harder, Swedesih defender Magda Eriksson, freestyler Rocky Hehakaija.


The campaign doesn’t simply accept that the tournament marks the high watermark for the women’s game, but rather continues to encourage young players of the future to push for even greater success by highlighting initiatives such as ‘The Women’s Soccer School’ in Barcelona, work by former professional Mollie Kmita to provide football education with her Level7Academy, plus grassroots clubs such as Grenfell Athletic FC.


As the campaign cop states: “Wild goals. Big ambition. Mind-blowing skill. Women have been elevating the game since day one and they’ll continue to smash records, set the bar and raise the game for all of football.”


The campaign, linked by the #Nike, #Euro2022 and #WEuro2022 hashtags, spanned television, digital, social, outdoor and PR and dropped across Nike own platforms from 6 June.



“Being part of this ad is just everything to me and a dream that came true,” commented Hehakaija. “I grew up watching these big Nike ads, imitating them in the streets with my friends. Nike is showing the world that women’s football is a force to be reckoned with and is here to stay.”





Nike is an official sponsor of the UEFA Euro 2022 women’s tournament and this campaign not only follows on from its previous standout women’s soccer campaigns (such as 2019’s ‘Spit Fire, Dream Higher’, ‘I Believe’ and ‘Dream Further’), but also links to its 2022 tournament ‘Rebel Girls’ platform.


Women’s football is entering its first golden age with mass public appeal and both advertisers and the media are driving and leveraging this interest around Euro 2022 to fever pitch.


But, according to Nike, there is more, much more, to come.




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