Evian Ambassadors Emma Raducanu & Dua Lipa Celebrate Sumer Sports & Festivals In ‘Drink True’ Campaign

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A few weeks ahead of the start of the world’s top tennis tournament, Wimbledon sponsor Evian rolled out a multi-channel ‘Drink True’ campaign featuring two of Gen Z’s hottest young women stars in the form of teen tennis sensation Emma Raducanu and musician Dua Lipa.


The tournament’s official water brand may be French, but this is a distinctly British campaign as Raducanu (19) and Lipa (26) are the water brand’s latest global ambassadors.


Rolling out from 7 June, ahead of the 27 June tournament start, the US Open Champion and Hallucinate/OneKiss/Levitating singer feature in creative which the brand claims is ‘a celebration of daring authenticity and being true to oneself’.


The campaign is spearheaded by a hero spot called ‘Drink True: Dua Lipa & Emma Raducanu’s Skill Swap’ – spanning TVC and online platforms – which sees the sports sensation give the singer songwriter tennis lessons. Tied together with the #eviandrinktrue hashtag, the lead spot is backed by a set of supporting social content.









This might be something of a cheesy ‘It’ girl campaign, but it’s none the worse for that.


Whether yet another burst of summer marketing starring the near ubiquitous Raducanu cuts through is another matter?


Think Nike ‘Letting Go Of Perfect‘, Vodafone ‘Feel The Connection‘ and Porsche (not to mention British Airways, Dior and Tiffany & Co).





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