Chipotle Mixed Realty Half Time Projection Gives Colorado Avalanche Fans New Game Ad Experience

Chipotle Colorade Avalanche 1

NHL and Colorado Avalanche partner Chipotle debuted a new, on-ice mixed-reality ad during half-time of the Avalanche’s second-round Stanley Cup playoff game against the St Louis Blues which depicted a Chipotle-branded Zamboni bringing out a huge burrito bowl onto the ice.


As the bowl is dropped down towards the playing surface, a VR giant hockey-gloved hand breaks through the ice surface and catches the bowl.




The quick service restaurant chain deployed technology developed by The Famous Group – a fan experience tech outfit – to create the unique commercial displayed on the Jumbotron.


The ad debuted live during a break in the game and was then amplified across the brand and team digital and social platforms.





This activation creatively, memorably and smartly uses new technology – merging digital, virtual and physical worlds – to add a fresh twist to stadium advertising and, thus far, the spot has generated more than 210,000 Twitter views and more than 10,000 YouTube views since it was posted on 18 May.


This ad builds on previous Chipotle marketing campaigns which integrate the brand into virtual- or mixed-reality content – including recent notable Roblox initiatives.


It is also part of Chipotle’s strategy to expand its reach through both sports sponsorships and virtual activations. Indeed, it was back in 2021 that the fast food brand penned a multi-year partnership with the NHL which saw it become the official Mexican-themed quick service and Mexican-themed fast-casual restaurant of the NHL in North America.


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