Chicago Cubs’ Marquee Sports Network Wants Those Who Don’t Get It Yet To ‘Get It’

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Marquee Sports Network, the official television network of the Chicago Cubs, extended its ‘We Get It’ campaign at the start of the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) season.


‘We Get All Of It’, which debuted at the start of last season, was created in harness with agency Quality Meats and for 2022 Marquee Sports Network rolled out a new series of marketing content led by a series of situational 15-second spots and a fast-paced 30-second graphic-led video running on television and across digital and display platforms throughout the season.


With this year being something of a rebuilding season for the Cubs, the network set out to attract new, more casual baseball fans and a more diverse audience (with a focus on female fans). So this year’s content plays off the unique emotional connection of committed fans and how non-fans might react to being around that kind of fanaticism.


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The work was created for client Marquee Sports Network b y a team at agency Quality Meats which included Co-Founders and Co-CCOs Brian Siedband and Gordy Sang, Co-Founder and Head of Production Kacey Hart, Producer Eric McCasline and Account Director David Kaplan.


The production company was BMP FILM with Directors Brian and Chris Vanderwall, Director Of Photography Michael Kettenbell and Executive Producer Ben Mahoney, with Editorial handled by Cutters with Editor Dave Rubin and Colourist Matthew Phillips.





It was back in summer 2021 that Marquee Sports Network released its new baseball season ‘We Get All Of It’ marketing and ad campaign to promote the broadcaster’s 24/7 coverage of the Cubs to the diehard fan base.


The campaign focused on building a relationship with core fans by acknowledging the emotional roller coaster that inevitably comes with being a diehard Cubs fan and championing the relentless devotion that remains regardless of season results.


The campaign was a genuine success and increased favourability among fans by 361% and the social audience by 27%.


“We understand how important and personal the connection to watching games can be for fans – particularly for Cubs fans, who are some of the most passionate,” said Marquee SVP of Marketing and Digital Amy McDevitt when the campaign was first released. ‘The ‘We Get All of It’ campaign is a direct acknowledgment to fans that we are both working hard to get them maximum Cubs content and actively listening as we build this new relationship.”



The early season work followed on from Marquee Sports Network’s ‘Wrigley Field’ Opening Day campaign.





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