England Football & Goal Click Launch Powerful Disability Football Photography Series

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England Football, the Football Associations’ national team sub-brand, expanded its ‘Football Your Way’ initiative at the start of May with the launch of a photography series in collaboration with Goal Click which told stories of disability football in England through the eyes and words of those involved.


Goal Click is a non-profit organisation which shares stories from the world of football: its mission is to give people all over the world a chance to show what football means to them by sending analogue cameras for them to capture the game as they see it and then collating the images online.


The photography exhibition, which reflect the experiences and lives of a cross-section of the disabled football community – from England internationals and grassroots players, to coaches, referees and volunteers – launched with members of the Cerebral Palsy football community.


The project was timed to leverage the 2022 IFCPF Men’s World Cup: which is being played in Salou (Barcelona) from 27 April through to 16 May.


Among the football stories told through the images is that of England Men’s CP team Matt Crossen: whose photos were taken at a pre-tournament training camp at St George’s Park and also at his club in Norton (Teesside). Another star of the show is Oxford University Hospitals Doctor Sarah Griffiths who volunteers as a Disability and Inclusion Officer for Summertown Stars AFC in Oxford and runs the Summertown Warriors team for children with Cerebral Palsy and other physical disabilities. Sarah’s photos were captured during the fortnightly training sessions in North Oxfordshire. The third featured soccer star was 19-year-old Callum Branch with images of his experiences as a member of the Basildon Frame FC.


The initiative is amplified socially and the photographs are available to view online at https://www.englandfootball.com/play/disability-football/goal-click-stories and @EnglandFootball.















The photography series follows ton from the October 2021 launch of The FA’s ‘Football Your Way’ initiative: a commitment to developing and growing disability football in all formats and at all levels and to raise the profile of the game across all formats and pathways.







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