‘Go For Lacoste’ Athleisure Campaign Offers Inter-Generational & Inter-Gender Appeal

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A Spring 2022 campaign for athleisure brand Lacoste’s summer range, called ‘Go For Lacoste’, revolves around how very different people – from different generations, genders and walks of life – all wear the very same clothing to drive home the brand’s for everyone, mass appeal.


The aim of the campaign is to appeal to the vast and diverse Lacoste community through ads based around the casual, unplanned and unexpected meetings which can arise between different people who share one things in common – Lacoste.


The film, print and digital campaign, created by incumbent Lacoste agency BETC Paris, features unexpected encounters when pairs of diverse and different people momentarily bonding over their shared taste in fashion and love for Lacoste.


To reinforce the authenticity of these chance meetings , the campaign’s protagonists are all people who have never been models and only played the role for a single day shoot.


Launched in the final week of April, ‘Go For Lacoste’ positions the brand’s classic polo as a must-have for everyone – men, women and kids – and is an item that transcends generations.


For example, one spot sees an old lady and young man (Marga and Anis) share a laugh after coincidentally emerging from neighbouring beach huts sporting the same pink polo shirt while another sees two people passing each other wearing the same sandals with the same socks.


Fresh, light and yet spirited in tone, colour and approach, the marketing spans OOH billboards, television and social networks and all executions in the campaign aims to encourage viewers to ‘go for it’ and visit the brand’s website at www.lacoste.com.







As well as promoting its summer range, this campaign aims to position the crocodile brand as a symbol of unity: a meeting point that unites generations and styles.


The campaign was created for a Lacoste marketing team led by Brand Directors Catherine Spindler, Nathalie Beguignot, Julien Scheubel, Mylene Atlan and Caroline Geraud by a group at agency BETC which included Agency Directors Gaelle Gicqueau, Fanny Buisseret, Suzy Morin and Theophile Geslain, Executive Creative Director Florence Bellisson, Art Director Agnes Cavard, Editor Antoine Gauquelin, Assistant Artistic Director Joachim Touitou, Head of Traffic Letizia Felici, Art Buyer Isabelle Mocq, Creative Music Supervisor Adam Ghoubali, Music Supervisor Seril Farran and TV Producer Caroline Bouillet.


The production company was KITTEN with the spots were helmed by Director Laure Atanasyan and the still images were shot by Irish photographer Ronan Gallagher and the sound company was GUM.





This campaign manages to be simultaneously arresting and distinctive whilst instantly driving home a brand message.


The ads also contrast with Tiffany & Co’s 2021 ‘Not Your Mother’s Tiffany’ campaign which took the opposite approach and creatively dumped a segment of older customers in order to engage a younger, cooler demographic group. Interestingly, Tiffany notched up record sales following this campaign according to parent company LVMH.




It sees at least one marketing team believe in intergenerational inclusivity and that it is possible to appeal to multiple demographic groups simultaneously rather than simply chase youngsters.





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