Atlético De Madrid Launches ‘Match By Match’ Father’s Day Campaign

Atletic Madrid Father's Day 1

Leading Spanish soccer side Atlético de Madrid paid tribute to all dad’s and father figures through a tender Father’s Day campaign called ‘Match By Match’.


Atlético’s Father’s Day initiative is pays tribute to all fathers and also those who aren’t technically dads but still support kids. The spot outlines how being a father means being committed to a long, and sometimes complicated where victory isn’t always guaranteed. It acknowledges that ‘the playing field can be complex and challenging’ particularly during adolescence and especially when you’re not even the child’s biological parent.


The Father’s Day campaign is led by a hero film which shows the relationship between a teenager and his mother’s partner. It features various situations in which the latter tries to engage the former to gain his trust – with mixed results. However, this ‘child’ begins to change his attitude when his mother asks him to give her and her partner a chance and reminds him that they both support the same side – Atlético de Madrid. From that moment, the atmosphere improves and the two head off to a game together agreeing to take their relationship ‘match by match’.


Created by agency Mrs. Rushmore, the campaign broke in Spain in the days leading up to Father’s Day which is celebrated on Saturday, 19 March. The spot’s message is to work hard at relationships and never stop trying and the ad’s copy states: “To all parents and those who, without being parents, never stop trying.”





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