Cisco Leverages Paris 2024 Olympic Partnership By Empowering Everyone To Participate In Breakdancing Spot

Cisco Paris 2024 Breakdance 1

The start of March saw Cisco leverage its partnership with the IOC and the Paris 2024 Games with a campaign welcoming breakdancing to the Olympics.


Themed around the idea that ‘the world is bigger when we can all participate’ and its commitment to ensuring that the event is accessible and visible to all, Cisco France welcomed the entry of ‘Breaking’ to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games with a flagship video launched on its French YouTube channel.


The ‘Breaking’ spot is an epic overcoming the odds story and stars dancer Sofian. It takes place in the streets of Paris where it depicts the ‘thunderous arrival of Break Dance as an Olympic Sport’ through striking moves, choreography and commitment.


The spot featured wind fans, smoke machines, leaves and debris, whilst the dancers themselves perform extreme breaking moves right ‘in the eye of the storm’ as the protagonist fights and dances his way to the Olympic Games whilst making the audience understand that breakdance is a stunning athletic, artistic discipline



The spot also sought to drive viewers to subscribe to Cisco France’s YouTube channel at


The campaign was created in tandem with agency BETC for joint clients Cisco and Paris 2024.


The production company was BIG Productions (Canada) and the Director was RÉALITÉ with Executive Producer Raphael Carassic, Producer Diana C Milesi, Head Of Production Itsasne Santos, DOP Daniel F Abelló, Production Designer Cesar Martínez, AD (France) Dani Ditman and AD (Spain) Julieta Lasarte.


Post production was handled by Faubourg Firm Studio with music by GUM Paris. The editor was Benjamin Weil, service was handled by Nevada, the stylist was Violeta Comella and the hair and makeup artists was Andrea Trenado.





This powerful spot stirs the emotions and effectively drives home a message that Breaking has arrived at the Games.


The campaign aims to reinforce Cisco’s shared ambition with Paris 2024 ‘to embody a new future, more inclusive, more sustainable, at the service of France and its influence’ as it seeks to bring to life its ‘The Bridge to Possible’ corporate mission statement.




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