FC Barça And Delirio & Twain Paint Women’s Symbol On Centre Circle Of Club Pitches

Barcelona Womens Day 1

To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, the various playing fields and pitches belonging to European giant FC Barcelona – the Camp Nou, the Palau and the Ciutat Esportiva – were painted with the universal symbol for women (also known as the symbol of Venus) in the centre circle as the centrepiece of the club’s ‘The Line That Unites Us’ gender equality initiative.


The on-pitch symbolism, which kicked-off a series of gender equality #Morethanempowerment activation through March, aims to drive awareness of and show support for the club’s women’s teams in particular and for women’s sport in general, FC Barcelona sought to bring the issue of gender equality and feminism right out to the centre of the sports club’s multiple pitches and courts.


Instead of the usual white lines marking out the official field/court playing area, the lines drew the universal symbol of the woman. For example, in the case of the club’s famous Camp Nou stadium, the central circle is the protagonist of the head, while the midfield line forms the line that ‘holds’ the sign, while an additional white stripe was added halfway between the centre spot and the lateral line.


Images of the symbol were used as the core creative sitting at the heart of an OOH, digital, social and PR campaign supported by several of the club’s leading players and spearheaded by a giant outdoor banner was placed in Barcelona city centre which read (in Catalan) “The line that does not divide us, unites us.”





The campaign was developed by creative agency Delirio & Twain where the team working on the project was led by Eva Santos and Mauricio Rocha.





Follows on from a wave of gender equality work on International Women’s Day championing women’s sport and female sports stars around the world as well as the agency’s previous campaign for the club.


Más Que Empoderamiento | FC Barcelona from Delirio & Twain on Vimeo.





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