Kellogg’s Vector ‘Off The Couch Bags’ Celebrate & Support Canada’s Return To Recreational Sports

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In Canada, cereal brand Kellogg’s Vector celebrated the end of one of the longest recreational sports off-seasons with an unlikely initiative which it said is designed to help Canadians get back in the game based around the launch of a limited edition set of ‘Off The Couch Bags’ – a line of five limited-edition sports bags made from the couches the country has been stuck at home sitting on through the pandemic.


As the country’s hockey rinks, sports fields, courts, arenas and gyms are finally welcoming back Canadian amateur athletes after the pandemic-enforced restrictions, Canadians can start to return to the sports and outdoor activities they love. But, according to the Kellogg’s brand, the problem is that people’s relationships with the couches (on which they have been stuck sitting on at home for so long has grown) is stronger than ever. So the cereal brand claims to have a solution to help Canadians get off their settees, stand up and get back out into the game.


The light-hearted marketing push sees a breakfast brand positioned as a healthier, high-protein, high-energy alternative to its competitors team up with agency Leo Burnett Toronto and Toronto-based designer collective YNOT to create the ‘off-the-wall’ sports bags crafted out of pre-owned sofas.


Designed and handcrafted in Canada, the Off the Couch Bags are made from genuine, second-hand couches which were bought by the brand from a community-focused charity and created specifically for several of the country’s favourite sports.


The bag range includes:

The Socctional > A soccer bag to help you hop off and throw on those cleats

The 40-Loveseat > Top your local ladder with this lovely periwinkle racquet bag

The Ol’ Leather > A baseball bag made of worked-in-to-perfection couch leather

The Chestpressterfield > A couch got ripped so you can too with this gym bag

The Slapshottoman > Go from recliner to first-liner with this hockey bag


Sport lovers can visit to learn more about the collection and enter for a chance to win one of these unique bags filled with boxes of Vector Cereal, which provides the protein and energy to help Canadians get back to the sports they love.


Vector’ ‘Off the Couch Bags’ campaign is primarily an online initiative led by social and digital video ads which seek to drive viewers to a website at


The campaign was spearheaded by a hero spot which dropped on 22 February, supported by additional social content pieces including a contest to win one of the limited edition sports bags.




The campaign strategy and creative was led by Leo Burnett Toronto backed by media agency Starcom and PR agency Strategic Objectives.


“People who love Vector crave sports. Being able to get back on the ice, the court or the field is a big moment and we want to support them in making that happen,” said Kellogg Canada VP Of Marketing & Nutrition Christine Jakovcic. “With whole grains, vitamins and minerals to provide protein and sustained energy, Vector has always energised Canadians’ passion for an active lifestyle and the Off The Couch Bags are another way we are helping Canadians celebrate the exciting and long-awaited return to sport.”


“After being benched for so long on our couches, it was important that Vector be a part of getting athletes back to the sports they love,” added Leo Burnett Toronto Co Chief Creative Officer Steve Persico. “Ripping up the couches we’ve been stuck on and turning them into sports bags is a symbol of turning our pent-up energy into something positive as we finally get back in the game.”





This somewhat left-field return-to-grassroots sport campaign follows on from the brand’s November and December 2021 social content push championing the return of sports across Canada.








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