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One of the few IOC/IPC global partners to run a comprehensive Winter Olympics and Paralympics activation programme around Beijing 2022 was Samsung with work based around the idea of promoting the power of sport to bringing together the global community in new, innovative ways and to enhance the Olympic/Paralympic experience through its immersive, state-of-the-art technology which enables them to unite around both their sporting and personal passions.


The integrated activation programme from the exclusive wireless communications equipment provider of the Olympic and Paralympic Games included a set of athlete ambassadors labelled ‘Team Samsung Galaxy’, a virtual media centre, a virtual Samsung Olympic Games Showcase in the Galaxy House on Zepeto and a #CheerTogether campaign led by a hero spot called ‘United By Passion’.


The lead ad, which dropped on 25 January, showcased some of the brand’s young athlete ambassadors and their passions outside sport when they aren’t snowboarding, figure skating, luging or playing ice hockey to drive home the message that Samsung innovation brings people from all around the world together through their shared passions’.


Whilst Olympic athletes have traditionally been associated with values like strength, perseverance or courage and have often been positioned as a class of superior being, the reality is that they are also human (something reflected at Tokyo 2020 last year through the actions and words of stars such as Simone Biles). So Samsung sought to add this theme to its Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics by presenting Olympians as more human.


Thus its spearhead spot shows the young athletes competing and sharing their other passions (as well as using Samsung products and technology) such as a snowboarder whose second sport is ‘cleaning the ocean’ and an ice skater who designs her own costumes, a drumming ice hockey goalie and a bobsleigh star who loves to game.



The lead ad, running across television and online platforms in key markets around the world, spearheads an integrated marketing push focused on driving home a core message about how Samsung’s mobile innovations empower athletes and fans to be ‘United by Passion’.


The 15-strong athlete ambassador team was drawn from nine countries and various snow/ice sports and were chosen for ‘defying barriers’ and ‘inspiring fans’ through their ‘athletic achievements’ and ‘off-field contributions to their communities’. Samsung worked with each endorser to create social content to showcase their own passions and tell stories about how they came to be the elite athletes they are today and the personal passions that have shaped them outside sport.




Samsung’s digital-first activation approach included a virtual experience in Salitun to share the latest Beijing 2022 news, information and interactive content, as well as setting up a virtual media centre which offers daily games news and press materials. While the ‘Galaxy Showroom’ highlights the current product range and a preview of future brand technologies.


In the brand’s #SharingBeijing2022 space, the media and fans alike can experience, capture and share on-site buzz as well as witness new content within Samsung’s #CheerTogether campaign (which enables fans to cheer on their favorite athletes). While the Samsung Health app includes a new feature enabling fans can join in with a joint Samsung/IOC digital challenge called #StrongerTogether (the title of the IOC’s own Beijing 2022 campaign) which allows fans to feel the power of becoming stronger together by participating in group walking.



Other activation strands range from a pin promotion (offering athletes and fans the chance to receive limited edition pins to commemorate the games), to the ‘Samsung Athletes Lounge’ (which includes on-site activities)


The integrated activation also promotes both brand and product and the hero product front and centre of the campaign is the new limited-edition Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Olympic Edition which was distributed/gifted to all Olympic and Paralympic athletes to enhance the athletes’ experience and enable them to stay connected to family, friends, and fans throughout the Games and to capture memories and the excitement around Beijing 2022, as well as providing athlete-relevant Games information.


The handsets offer a white body, a gold metal frame, plus Samsung and Olympic or Paralympic logos on the back. Plus, a feature counteracting discussion of host nation censorship, the handset includes Samsung Knox: a self-described ‘industry-leading security platform for a secure mobile experience’.



“As a long-time partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Samsung has been by the side of athletes for over 30 years to support their dreams and empower meaningful connections with fans and their loved ones through innovative technologies,” said  EVP and Head of Global Marketing Team of Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics Stephanie Choi. “Our contributions will elevate Beijing 2022 experiences to athletes and global fans in a unique and more exciting way.”


IOC Managing Director Of TV & Marketing Services Timo Lumme added: “Samsung’s technology, innovation, and commitment will allow fans and media from around the world to globally unite through a shared passion, and experience the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 up close and in real-time, safely and securely.”





Samsung has supported the Olympic Games since the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano and its deal as an official Worldwide Olympic Partner and provider of wireless communication and computing equipment to support the Olympics and Paralympics will run up to 2028.


It’s Beijing 2022 activation follows on the footsteps of previous Winter Olympic work such as 2018’s ‘Julian & His Magic Skates’ and its high tech wearable ‘Smartsuit’ projects for the Dutch team.





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