UFC Star Francis Ngannou Fronts Inspirational ‘United We Sweat’ Gymshark Campaign

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Fitness specialist sportswear brand Gymshark teamed up with UFC champion Francis Ngannou to front a new spot in its ongoing ‘United We Sweat’ campaign which sets out to use the athlete’s personal story to inspire a sense of community.


Launched on 19 January, the 30-second hero commercial tells the life story of the Cameroonian mixed martial artist Francis Ngannou: starting from his complicated early years (which included a period of homelessness) and running through to his current super star status and emphasizes how his desire to build a better life and to be an inspiration to others helped give him the strength to succeed.


Through a montage of imagery and footage illustrating his rise to the top of the sport – featuring his values and those who supported him along the way – the athlete asks: “What if you didn’t fight alone? You battle together.”


A major theme of the campaign messaging is that hardship can lead to perseverance – but that nobody can do it alone. The campaign also suggests that making an impact through community and inspiration will prove to be Ngannou’ greatest achievement.




“Francis’s story is so incredibly inspiring. His strength, perseverance and commitment to community make him a perfect partner for our brand as we continue to unite our community all over the world,” said Gymshark’s VP of Brand Marketing Sennai Atsbeha. “We’re excited to support him during these big moments and explore what we can achieve together.”


“Gymshark respects my journey in becoming the athlete that I am today and they want to inspire others. I hope to be an inspiration for those who follow me, especially people from my home country and the kids in Africa,” commented Ngannou in the campaign PR. “They care about what I care about. We share the same values. We are all about community.”





If you are not a fan of this spot we suggest you keep it to yourself. After all, Ngannou is not only the current UFC Heavyweight Champion, but he has also thrown the hardest punch ever recorded by the UFC.


The ad rolled out ahead of Ngannou’s 22 January title defense against Ciryl Gane in what the UFC is pitching as one of the most anticipated heavyweight championship fights in its history.


This latest creative dovetails with previous ads in Gymshark’s ‘United We Sweat’ brand platform which is built on a desire to establish connections and the idea that “Alone you get far, but together we go further.”




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