Alibaba ‘Make Every Day of Your Life Shine’ Host Nation Winter Olympic Activation Focused On Accessibility, Affordability & Tech

Alibaba Winter Olympics 3

IOC global partner and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics sponsor Alibaba activated around the Games through the January launch of a campaign titled ‘Make Every Day of Your Life Shine’ driving home a message that winter sports are affordable and accessible by everyone in China.


Developed in harness with agency McCann China,  ‘Make Every Day of Your Life Shine’ was spearheaded by hero short film which dropped on 13 January and ran across TV, Weibo and the brand’s own digital and social platforms.


Alibaba Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.mp4 from Dao Insights on Vimeo.



Indeed, at press time, the video had generated more than 18.3m views on Weibo and is also thus contributing to the Chinese government’s umbrella aim of using the Games to get 300m citizens engaged and involved in winter sports.


According to McCann China Chief Creative Officer Ma Yanbo, the video sets out to change the misconception in China that only wealthy people are able to participate in winter sports and to drive home the message that everyone in the country can enjoy winter activities close to home at affordable prices.


This accessibility and affordability message is linked to supporting creative and activation showcasing how Alibaba’s e-commerce and technology is bringing the joy of winter sports to the doorstep of the host nation’s population as well as work aligning the brand to sparking national pride.


Alibaba’s multi-channel campaign also showcases China’s Olympic spirit with a focus on national pride and the country’s ongoing mission to strive to become stronger.



“We want to make people understand more deeply how Alibaba’s technology is helping people’s lives become better and bring this to life through the Games and promoting the spirit of winter sport,” added McCann China Managing Director Wu Shu.





As an official tech partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Alibaba is a driving force in the digitisation of the Games: with a focus on enabling the event to be ‘the first high-tech green Games in Olympic history’.


Alibaba’s Beijing 2022 services mainly focus on cloud computing and e-commerce.


From broadcasting and results data, to athlete accommodation, transportation and healthcare, all the Games logistics and information is processed with cloud computing technology on Alibaba’s ‘Ali Cloud’.


While Alibaba is also applying its bespoke AR and intelligent visual technologies to domestic and international viewers seeking an immersive Games experience.


Alibaba became an official International Olympic Committee (IOC) partner back in 2017 when it became a key pillar in the digital and technology transformation of the Games and it launched its first official Olympic ‘To The Greatness Of Small‘ campaign in January 2018.




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