Nissan & Its Formula E Team Activate Man City Partnership In ‘Feel Electric’ Live Light Stunt

Nissan Formula E Man City

Centred around a self-described ‘never been done before’ electric visual stunt with one of its Formula E cars, Nissan leveraged its Manchester City FC sponsorship to promote its electric range in a real-time marketing stunt running under its current ‘Feel Electric platform.


The November live experience, which was developed with agency Dark Horses and experience creation studio HELO London, used biometric data connected direct to driver Sebastien Buemi to create an ‘electrifying visual display’ on the exterior of the racing car.


Aiming to embody the spirit of its current ‘Feel Electric’ campaign, , this electric, live light projection stunt showed every human thought, feeling, and sensation that in their body is powered by an electrical process occurring in our nervous system, and these sensations become heightened when driving an electric vehicle.


Formula E racing drivers wear biometric gloves as part of their standard race kit, which tracks their biometric data – including heart rate, blood oxygen and body temperature – and Nissan’s marketing team thought this was an interesting opportunity to take a deeper look at what the bodies biometric responses are to the exhilaration of driving.


HELO researched and developed a custom lighting system that connected this biometric live, night-time Nissan Formula E driving experience on the streets of Manchester around the club’s Etihad Stadium to showcase the excitement and feeling of driving a Nissan electric vehicle.


Titled’ Feel Electric: City Football Group x Nissan Formula E’, the stunt was filmed and turned into a social-first campaign led by a hero video posted across brand and club platforms on 3 November labled with the #NissanFormulaE, #NissanAriya, #FeelElectric and #ManCity hashtags.



It was supported by a set of additional content pieces including a ‘Making Of’ spot.



“Every sensation you feel is electricity that flows through the body, the same electricity that flows through our cars. We wanted to produce a stunt that visualises this relationship,” explained Nissan Motorsports Director Tomasso Volpe.


“It was a lot of fun to be part of the Feel Electric stunt with my Formula E race car,” commented Nissan Formula E team driver Sebastien Buemi. “When I race for Nissan around the world in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, I am of course experiencing very powerful emotions. However, away from the heat of the racing battle on the shoot I could focus more on how I was feeling as I drove on the city streets. To see my emotions and excitement light up the car was very cool.”


HELO Technology Director Robin Cowie added: “We were using something called electro luminescent paint. The paint runs through a wiring harness into a micro-controller that’s sat on the nose of the car. We had various different types of animations and each one was affected in a different way through different forms of real time data streaming from the gloves.”


The initiative was created with a team from agency Dark Horses that included Creative Director Steve Howell, head Of Production Andy Walsh, Producer Adam Reid and Account Director Alex Fearne and a group at production company HELO which included Executive Producer Phoebe Smith, Lead Producer Helen Dulay, Director Glenn Kitson, DOP James Medcraft and Tech Director Robin Cowie.


The creative team also included Lighting Technology Partner Pixel Artworks, EL Paint Engineering by BandGap’s Sam Sebire, EP Dasha Legge, Production Manager Matthew Appleby, Software Designer Laurie Lumley (Haz Farook), with Client Services handled by Kelly Eagle, Post Production by Envy Advertising with Editor Peter Fullerton, GFX by Covert, Sound from Killer Crab Men and colour by Yoomin Lee.




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