eLaLiga Santander eSports ‘100%’ Campaign Urges Viewers To Do The Impossible

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To promote the start of the new eLaLiga Santader season a spectacular new campaign Called ‘100%’ invites viewers to overcome their limits, believe in the unimaginable and achieve what no one else can – all of which are necessary if you want to triumph in the self-described ‘most demanding eSports competition in the world’.


Launched on 13 October, the TV, Online and on Twitch campaign’s hero spot seeks to bring gamers, streamers and players together for the 21/22 season championship. Reality, animation and EA Sports FIFA 22 imagery blend together to create a zany rush of an ad which features appearances of some of the most important and successful gamers, streamers and footballers in Spain – including Marcos Llorente and DjMariio.


As the spot states: “We’re back from summer at 100%. Wait, what 100%? At 1000%! At 100,000%! 100,000,000,000,000%! Possessed by the spirit of our most recent piece for @elaliga, the most demanding eSports competition in the world.”



Developed in harness with creative agency Sra. Rushmore, the marketing push promotes the major developments of the 21/22 season championship – organised by EA SPORTS in cooperation with LaLiga.


The campaign, which was directed by Keane Pearce and produced by Blur Films and with post-production handled by Sauvage, sees eLaLiga Santander continues to focus on big blockbuster productions to market its eSports events.





This year’s work follows in the footsteps of 2020’s big budget, new season ‘What Can Not Be’ promotion.


eLaLiga Santander is the only EA SPORTS FIFA 22 global series sanctioned by an official league in Spain and it is a collaborative effort between La Liga and games developer Electronic Arts (EA).


The tournament began back in 2017/8 with 10 clubs and the new season will run over the course of three months culminating with the Grand Finale in May.




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