Nissan & Kapil Dev ‘India vs Corona’ Films Use Cricket Analogies To Reinforce Fight Against Covid

Nissan India India v Corona

Nissan India teamed up with ambassador and former Indian cricket captain Kapil Dev for a campaign called #IndiaVsCorona which aims to help empower India in its fight against Covid-19.


Conceptualised and created by agency TBWA\India, the campaign amplifies the nationwide safety message and urges all Indians to come together in the country’s fight against the virus.


The initiative is spearheaded by a hero spot and supported by an online video series which are all fronted by cricket icon Kapil Dev and which use cricket analogies to explain the similarities between preparing for a match and preparing to fight the virus.


#IndiaVsCorona sees former skipper Kapil Dev help viewers ‘get ready for the match of a lifetime’: positioning the pandemic is the toughest contest India has ever faced.


Launched on 29 June, the seven-video series runs across all Nissan Indian online platforms and the spots are supported by additional social content.




“The auto industry has led from the front in making strong contributions towards combating the challenges of Covid-19,” commented Nissan Motor India Managing Director Rakesh Srivastava. “As the challenge still continues, Nissan India has chosen Cricket as the medium of choice to amplify the message on safety through precautions to win the battle over Covid-19 that we’re fighting as a nation. Towards this, who better than one of the most admirable icons in Indian cricket history that brought home the 1983 World Cup to lead to spread the message.”




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