Getafe CF Changes It’s Name To ‘FE CF’ & Asks Fans Not To Lose Faith Despite The Pandemic

Getafe CF

Getafe CF has long been known by its abbreviated nickname ‘el Geta’, but at the start of October the Spanish LaLiga club launched a community initiative based around a symbolic name-change which asks fans to switch to using the second part of its name – ‘FE CF’. Why? Because ‘fe’ is Spanish for ‘faith’ and the club wants to highlight the importance of staying together as a community during the new 20/21 season which, due to Covid-19, looks set to be the toughest season ever.


The name change was accompanied by a new club manifesto aimed to encourage fans – primarily through local media and online coverage – in the face of the extraordinary difficulties that 2020 is posing for the club, its community and for society in general.


The name switch was made on the club’s official shield and in the stands and on the scoreboard of the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez stadium, as well as across the club’s social media platforms.


The initiative was first unveiled at a press conference held by General Manager Clemente Villaverde and was first brought to life during the team’s 17 October LaLiga game against FC Barcelona (a 1: 0 win).


The initiative was communicated across the stadium and through a graphic campaign and a hero video developed in harness with agency el Ruso de Rocky (Rocky’s Russian), produced by Lobo Kane and directed by Borja Larrondo.





As well as the rebranding and marketing, the club also produced a new manifesto to highlight the reasons and club values that have led to the change of name:


If something has characterized Getafe Club de Fútbol in these 74 years of history, it is their faith.

Faith to take a modest team from the outskirts of Madrid to first class.

Faith to be founded again in 46 after disappearing in 33.

Faith to return to first the year after descending.

Faith to aspire to something more than to maintain the category.

Faith to reach Europe.

Faith to reach the final of the King’s Cup.

There is so much faith in this club, that in fact, if you read Getafe, you will see that it comes even in our name.

For this reason, although we love that you colloquially call us “el Geta”,

today, for the first time since 1946 we are going to change our name

to become simply “the Faith.” The Faith football club.

To remind our fans, and football fans in general, the one thing we cannot lose in these difficult days that we are all living. (…)

The same one that has taken us out of the hardest moments, the same one that has led us to the most gratifying successes and the same one that has been part of our name for 74 years.

That is why we urge you to call us, in the next match against Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​not Getafe CF, but Fe CF

We have already changed everything possible: shield, stands, shirt, scoreboard, grass … Everything you need to remind you of the following:

In this tough season don’t lose faith; is to win everything.




Getafe CF


el Ruso de Rocky




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