Audi Leverages Proteas Cricket Partnership For #Untaggable Hashtag Heavy Q2 Launch Campaign

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Audi activated its Proteas partnership by leveraging its Cricket South Africa (CSA) sponsorship to launch the new Q2 through a campaign titled  #untaggable.


The aim of this activation was to use Audi’s Proteas partnership to assist in effectively taking the umbrella Q2 #untaggable launch campaign to market in South Africa through a powerful local platform and also to see the sponsorship to communicate the proposition with the country’s cricket loving public.


The specific objective was to use the campaign to help the automotive outfit capture youthful, urban customers with a new segment offering, to drive incremental volume growth and to rejuvenate the brand through progressive, new design.


The big idea behind the tactic was that ‘some things can’t be boxed in or defined – like the unique live South African cricket match experience and watching the Proteas perform’


Thus, the core campaign message was ‘Because the best things in life are impossible to label – Audi Q2 #untaggable’


The integrated campaign, developed with agency Levergy, rolled out multiple executions to bring the #untaggable proposition to life via the team sponsorship.


It was led by a hashtag-filled hero TV commercial shot in black and white and exploring various perspectives on what South African Cricket stands for.



The spearhead spot was supported by on-air media inserts.


This was accompanied by in-stadium hospitality experiences and match day cricket activations and match day athlete ambassador led PR, plus leveraging the sponsorship media inventory and in-game social media pieces.


This latter social phase ranged from activation on the car company’s South Africa Facebook



and Twitter pages,



to other sponsorship supporting activity through the series across the auto outfit’s social channels.





The sponsorship strand also dovetailed neatly with the general umbrella Q2 marketing campaign.



The media plan saw the activation run from December 2016 to April 2017.


Activative Comment:


In terms of results, the agency attests to more than R590,000 views on Facebook (vehicle sales data as yet to be released).


Audi’s associate sponsorship of the South African national cricket team, which began in late 2014, spans a comprehensive set of engagement strands (with both fans and stakeholders) that all align Audi with everything innovative and progressive about the Proteas.


The umbrella aim was to demonstrate continuous advancement, progression and innovation around South Africa cricket to drive awareness of what the brand stands for and bring to life the global tagline ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’.


This latest wave of work builds on the brand’s Proteas partnership campaigns from 2016 (see case study).




Audi South Africa









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