Bridgestone UK Launches Olympic ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What’ With Thompson/Mears/Hull

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Tyre giant and IOC TOP sponsor Bridgestone is activating its Olympic rights in the UK with an athlete fronted campaign, called ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What’, that promotes the idea that anything is possible if you the belief and support.


Spearheaded by a trio of British athlete endorsers – decathlon legend Daley Thompson, gold medal winning diver Chris Mears and golfer Charley Hull – this motivational campaign actually aims to encourage people of all ages, abilities and passions to ‘find the strength to chase their dream and overcome the obstacles they face on life’s journey’.


Bridgestone, an official International Olympic Committee (IOC) partner through 2024, hopes the initiative (developed in harness with agency WeAreFearless) will bring to life its umbrella company goal of ‘keeping you safe and on track on life’s journey – just as Bridgestone’s tyres do on the road – whatever the conditions’.


The three UK sports stars were unveiled as the brand’s athlete ambassadors at a London launch event, hosted by BBC sports journalist and TV presenter Dan Walker, on 16 March.





The launch phase of the campaign itself is spearheaded by a set of three three-minute films: each focusing on each of the athlete ambassadors and telling their own ‘No Matter What’ story.


These online videos were first posted to the brand’s YouTube site on 16 March and include ‘Daley Thompson’s No Matter What Story’ ((exploring how the two-time Olympic gold medalist’s  tough start in life made him the toughest competitor),



‘Charley Hull’s No Matter What Story’ (showcasing what inspired her rise to golfing stardom),



and ‘Chris Mears’ No Matter What Story’ (charting how Meare’s battle for life in 2009 when he ruptured his spleen and was given just a 5% chance of survival embodies the spirit of never giving up).



The creative, which also currently fronts the Bridgestone UK web page (, is also being amplified across the brand’s digital and social channels with assets and content pieces linked through the campaign’s #NoMatterWhat hashtag.



and it is also receives support from the ambassadors’ personal social feeds.


At the launch all three ambassador added their own personal perspectives on the campaign


‘My upbringing and sporting career have taught me that if I work hard enough and remain focused, then I can achieve my goals. I would like to think that I’m a living testament to the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What philosophy,’ comments Thompson.


‘I’ve had to deal with some really tough and scary situations over the past few years where both my sporting career and my life have been held in the balance,’ adds Meares.


‘I believe really strongly in the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign, because I love the fact that Bridgestone values mental and physical determination, strength and endurance, championing the journey to achieve your goals as much as the result.’


‘I’ve come up against many barriers as a female golfer and I’ve had to learn to battle these to succeed. When you feel strongly about something, it’s your spirit as much as your ability that gets you through. I feel that I have the spirit to chase my dream, no matter what,’ says Hull.


Later this year, as the campaign evolves after this initial launch phase, Bridgestone will sponsor a series of golfing events at all levels as well as three grassroots events – one for golf, one for athletics and one for diving, which will be hosted by each of the ambassadors.


‘Our Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign aims to inspire people everywhere, whatever their background to find the strength to chase their dreams and overcome any obstacles they face on life’s journey,’ explains Bridgestone North Europe Managing Director Robin Shaw.


‘Whatever challenges you face, we believe our role is to keep everyone safe and on track until you safely reach your destination. Our ambassadors are sharing their stories to help everyday people chase their dreams, no matter what.’


‘As we start a new Olympic cycle it’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with the new Worldwide Olympic Partners. Bridgestone is a globally recognised and successful brand and we are excited and proud to work together on their Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign,’ added British Olympic Association CEO, Bill Sweeney.


‘Our role in helping the nation’s best Olympic athletes realise their dreams resonates with so many of the stories around the Olympic Games as athletes strive to reach their personal goals and provide inspiration for anyone with their own goals and aspirations.’


Activative Source:


The UK campaign launch is part of a wave of Bridgestone Olympic partnership activation across EMEA.


The regional launch was actually first announced at the Geneva International Motor Show on 7 March 2017 by CEO and President of Bridgestone EMEA Paolo Ferrari.



‘At Bridgestone we are making a long-term commitment to the Olympic Movement with the purpose of showcasing its support for individuals and efforts to empower people to chase their dreams,’ said Ferrari.


‘We believe that is a powerful message, and in the coming months you will see how exactly we plan to activate this exciting partnership. But I can say, from my own perspective, I know that sport has a universal appeal, and this is exactly what we need here in our region. This partnership brings emotion to our brand.’


The new work builds on the brand’s previous Olympic activation: which ranges from its ‘Built to Perform, Road to Rio’ campaign developed in harness with Publicis North America,



to its ‘Battling Spirit’ work with the Spanish Olympic team such as this   Lidia Valentin fronted spot.



It was actually back in 2014 that Bridgestone announced it has signed up as an IOC TOP worldwide sponsor for a long term partnership that will run through 2024 and will include the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and the Olympic Games 2024.


The deal, which was reported to see the company pay £204m/$344m, sees Bridgestone become one of 10 top tier Olympic partners: alongside global brands such as Atos, Coca-Cola, Dow, GE, McDonald’s, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Samsung and Visa.


The deal, which spans several product categories (such as seismic isolation bearings, non-motorised bicycles, and the full range of tyres manufactured by Bridgestone), will also see it supply tyres and related services to support the transport operations at Games time (including vehicles for the athletes, media and officials).


Then, in summer 2016, the Japanese Tire and rubber manufacturer expanded its partnership by signing a four-year agreement to help fund the International Olympic Committee’s new television channel – the first company to get on board.


‘As a global corporation, Bridgestone is excited to partner with the entire Olympic Movement, a group of organisations that not only brings together the world’s athletes at the greatest athletic festival, but also blends this celebration of sport with a spirit of service to community, social responsibility, a respect for diversity and a commitment to the fundamental principles of Olympism,’ said Bridgestone CEO Tsuya when the deal was first signed.


The move added the world’s biggest sports property to a Bridgestone sponsorship portfolio that also includes title sponsorship of South America’s Copa Libertadores football tournament, sponsorship of the International Ski Federation’s Alpine Ski World Cup events, plus tie-ins with the NHL, the NFL and the Professional Golfers Association in the United States.




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