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There are, of course, a multitude of measurements and metrics used to indicate who won the Super Bowl ad game – from expert opinion and consumer sentiment analysis, to voting, digital buzz, social sharing and cyber mentions – and many of them actually contradict each other.


Some award quite different campaigns winner and loser titles – with spots topping some tables and finishing rock bottom of others.


Of course, it’s not simply a matter of methodology, metric points or data gathering techniques.


Sometimes it’s about objectives.


And this is a vital point as, without knowing a marketers objectives and aims, can anyone really come up with a definitive way to judge their successes and failures?


Baring all this in mind, Activative looks at our Top 5 ‘Super Bowl Top 5s’.



1 > USA Today’s Ad Meter: a viewer/consumer voting system.


According to Ad Meter top ranked commercials, Super Bowl 50 was a big win for official NFL sponsor spots with four of the top five spots being by official NFL sponsors.


1. Hyundai, “First Date”

Score: 6.91



2. Heinz, “Wiener Stampede”

Score: 6.64



3. Doritos, “Ultrasound”

Score: 6.61



4. Doritos, “Doritos Dogs”

Score: 6.49



5. Hyundai, “Ryanville”

Score: 6.27



(Source: USA Today)



2 > Ad Age’s Pre-Game Viral Video Chart


A webfilm from Ritz crackers without an in-game TV ad buy racked up more YouTube views – 29m – prior to the Big Game than any other Super Bowl relevant commercial (according to Visible Measures).



1. Big Game Snacks

Ritz Crackers

Agency of Trillions

Views: 29,288,180



2. #StartStunning

DreamWorks Animation

Views: 28,476,601



3. Crash the Super Bowl: Final Edition


Consumer Created

Views: 27,326,005



4. The Chase


Innocean Worldwide

Views: 27,097,018



5. #BaldwinBowl


Leo Burnett Toronto

Views: 23,987,112



(Source: Ad Age’s Viral Video Chart by Visible Measures).



3 > Campaign/Brandwatch’s Top 5 Social Successes


Doritos was the most mentioned in-game brand on US social media during Super Bowl 50 according to research by social analysts Brandwatch. While the most used Twitter hashtag during the game was Mountain Dew’s #PuppyMonkeyBaby (used more than 65,000 times), followed by Avocados from Mexico’s #AvosInSpace (more than 16,000) and #CrashTheSuperBowl (around 14,000).


And yet many of these mentions were negative.


The most negative hashtag of all was #CrashTheSuperBowl from Doritos with 69% negative sentiment, followed by #PuppyMonkeyBaby with a negative sentiment of 54%.


Which means the age-old question ‘is all publicity good publicity’ is alive and well on social media.


1. Doritos – 89,000 mentions

2. Pepsi – 38,000 mentions,

3. Pokemon – 27,000 mentions

4. Mountain Dew – 23,000 mentions

5. Budweiser – 21,000 mentions


(Source: Brandwatch – via Campaign)



4 > AdWeek’s Tim Nudd’s ‘5 Best Ads Of Super Bowl 50’


According to Ad Week guru Tim Nudd said Jeep’s ‘Portraits’ was the best bowl spot this year:


‘Once again, going quieter amid the noise of the Super Bowl pays off for an advertiser. This lovely spot from iris New York stitches together more than 60 curated photos—some celebrities, most not—that tell the story of Jeep’s history, and its drivers’ role in it, on the Fiat Chrysler brand’s 75th birthday.’


(But haven’t they heard of ‘landscape’?)


1: Jeep “Portraits”



2: T-Mobile “Restricted Bling”



3: Audi “Commander”



4: Heinz Ketchup “Wiener Stampede”



5: Doritos “Ultrasound”



(Source: AdWeek)



5 > Adweek’s 5 Worst Super Bowl 50 Spots


1. LG ‘Man From The Future’



2. Skittles ‘The Portrait’



3. Paypal ‘New Money’



4. Quicken Loans ‘Rocket Mortgage’



5. ‘Envy’



(Source: Adweek)

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