Turkish Airlines Activates Euroleague Via #Flightime TVC, Print & Online Tools

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Turkish Airlines activates its long-running title sponsorship of Euroleague with a new campaign featuring some of the league’s top basketballers called ‘Flight Time’.


The work, created in tandem with agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky London, is led by striking slow motion imagery of players leaping in slow motion against the sound of roaring airplane jet engines.


The stars involved include including Alex Abrines, Kyle Hines, Marcus Slaughter, Georgios Printezis and Cedi Osman.


The campaign if spearheaded by a new TV spot airing across multiple European markets from 10 November.



The commercial is supported by print executions, social channels



and online content that features new tools to measure the players’ ‘air time’ – how long their feet are off the ground when they jump.


The new metrics from tech outfit Catapult measure micro-movements to scientifically time the players in the air down to the second.


The Crispin Porter campaign team included writer and art director Jay Fretwell and Greg Milbourne, while the spot itself was directed by Marcus Soderlund through Academy.


‘We share huge enthusiasm for the power of flight with Euroleague, which is why we sponsor them, and we’re looking forward to help them innovate technologically to make the experience of basketball even more exciting for fans,’ explains Turkish Airlines’ advertising manager Rafet Fatih Özgür.




This new campaign is built on the straightforward idea of drawing a simple visual parallel between airborne players (the property) and airline flight (the sponsor).


Turkish Airlines has been steadily building a heritage of featuring Euroleague players in its ads.


For example, back in 2014 it ran a pan-European Final Four campaign led by a spot featuring several star players running an elaborate ‘Pool Dunk’ (see case study).



Euroleague Basketball, which was founded in 200, develops and organises elite competitions, sporting events, CSR programs and educational initiatives and it runs the continent’s two premier men’s basketball competitions: the Turkish Airlines Euroleague (which culminates in a Final Four competition) and the Eurocup, plus the premier under-18 showcase ‘The adidas Next generation Tournament’.


Euroleague Basketball launched the groundbreaking corporate social responsibility program One Team, which unites 32 of its own clubs and world-renowned partners to support at-risk communities in 14 countries through grass-roots activities that have reached more than 10,000 participants to date.


It was back in 2010 Turkish Airlines signed a five-year deal with Euroleague Basketball that saw the airline take a title sponsorship of the top European competition (which was named ‘Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basketball’) as well as season ending Final Four tournament (which was named ‘The Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four’) and the Euro Cup.


This deal marked the first time that the Euroleague had offered a brand title sponsorship.


The partnership, according to the airline, is built on shared values (including teamwork, commitment and fair play) and on complementary platforms and matching markets.


Beyond the flagship event, the partnership also sees co-operation in other areas such as the Euroleague Basketball’s corporate responsibility program, Euroleague for Life, in which Turkish Airlines will take an active role.


The sponsorship strategy aims to reinforce Turkish Airlines’ position as a leading European airline carrier which, like Europealgue itself, has experienced fast growth across the continent during the last decade.


In recent years. the airline’s past and present sponsorship portfolio has also included FC Barcelona and Manchester United




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