Fox Promotes MLB 2015 World Series With Simpsons ‘Springfield Isotopes’ Spot

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MLB broadcast partner Fox launches a multi-media campaign to support its 2015 World Series coverage with a Homer (and a Bart, a Marge, a Maggie and a Lisa) Simpson.


At the of the broadcaster’s integrated campaign for the Fall Classic match-up between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals (starting 27 October) is a classic Simpsons promo.


The 30-second spot features the Springfield Isotopes, the fictional baseball team from The Simpsons’ home town, who have made it to Game 7 of the ‘Nuclear League Championship’ with Ralph Wiggum at the plate as a pinch hitter.


Does he hit a home run so far that it crashes through the Earth’s gravitational pull and hits Kang and Kodos’ spaceship – thus ensuring global annihilation?



The promo carries the slogan ‘The World Series on Fox. While Earth Exists’ and the voiceover urges fans to tune in and watch as: ‘They play, these boys of summer, all season long. It all comes down to October, where heroes take the biggest stage. A stage where legends are born. The World Series on Fox.’


The spot debuted on Fox and FS 1 during coverage of the American League championship series between the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals.


A variety of additional, more standard content pieces for the World Series are also running across Fox’s own channels and platforms.






We particular like the in-animation detail too: especially that The Springfield Championship Series is presented by Duff Beer.


Why wouldn’t Fox leverage its flagship blockbuster TV show characters to promote it World Series broadcast?


It’s a no brainer!


After all, The Simpsons has developed baseball credentials throughout its 27-season: including an episode in 1992 called ‘Homer at the Bat’ that featured MLB stars Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Don Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, Darryl Strawberry and Ken Griffey J.


According to buyers, the current rate for a 30-second World Series spot is around $545,000 .


As this year’s World Series began, VP of ad sales Bruce Lefkowitz said Fox had ‘sold more inventory in Games 1 through 5 than it has in recent memory’.


World Series advertisers across the broadcaster’s coverage include pre- and post-game show sponsor and MVP partner Chevrolet, box score backer Geico, plus MetLife, eSurance, Edward Jones, Taco Bell and Navy Federal Credit Union.




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