USGA ‘A Lot To Love’ Spots Exploit US Open & Target Golf’s Key Challenges

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The United States Golf Association (USGA) rolled out its ‘A Lot To Love’ campaign, led a set of new commercials, to leverage interest in golf around its national championships – the 2015 US Open.


The ads, developed with DDB, aim to use the flagship tournament not just a fulcrum for ‘golf celebration’ but to broaden the appeal of the game.


Thus they aim to engage beyond golf’s traditional demographic segments and to address some of the sport’s negative preconceptions about the sport touching on issues from ethnicity and gender, to complex rules and how challenging it is to play.


The ads, such as ‘Is Golf A Game?’, come in both 60-second



and 30-second versions.



Other spots include ‘Champion Among Us’,


‘Modernising Rules’,



and ‘Social Game’.



The campaign also features the USGA’s first Spanish-language spot as it tries to reach out beyond the game’s traditional core demographic.



The spots debuted in late May, ran heavily during Fox’s US Open telecast and outside the coverage on other Fox outlets (such as FS1, FS2, FX, FXX, Fox Business, MundoFOX and National Geographic) and will continue through the summer.


The media flight marks the first time the USGA has run TV ads outside of its championship broadcasts and is part of its recent 12-year media deal with Fox.


The commercials all include end shots that try to drive viewers both the and websites to ‘discover more’ of the organisations entertainment and utility led content (including the official tournament app).



‘We have the benefit of a new media partner and as we went into those negotiations, one of the things that was important was to tell stories beyond our championships on other platforms,’ explains USGA Senior Managing Director of Business Affairs Sarah Hirshland.


‘The spots are built for a broader audience than the already avid golfer.’


The ‘A Lot To Love’ TV campaign runs in parallel to other ongoing USGA work around the US Open – such as its social media led virtual introduction to the Chambers Bay course.






The themes in the TV spots directly address some of the key challenges the sport faces as it battles to halt declining participation numbers and course closures.


Of course, the message emphasises that golf is a game for ‘everybody’ rather than being the exclusive preserve that it is so often thought of as being.


The creative carefully mixes ethnicity, gender and age, while the messages address issues about competitive equality and breaking down the difficulties of playing


Reversing the steady decline in golf participation in the USA and Europe is a major challenge for the sport’s governing bodies, its property owners, its elite level players, equipment brands and its commercial partners.


But with more activation focused on addressing these challenges and with more innovative programmes on the course and a fresh culture in the clubhouse – it is a challenge that can be met.




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