State Farm Leverages NBA Playoffs With New ‘Cliff / Chris Paul Assist’ TV Spot

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NBA sponsor State Farm is leveraging the excitement around and interest in the NBA Playoffs with a new commercial within its ongoing ‘Chris Paul Assists’ series.


Cliff Paul (complete with glasses and a fake moustache), is the comic alter ego of NBA star and elite passer Chris Paul, is an All-Star Assister (see our NBA All-Star Game Briefing Report), but according to the brand’s latest TV commercial even he needs some help from time to time.


So it is only appropriate that he seeks it from someone who has assistance in their blood.



The subject of this spot is digital identity theft and the message is simple – if you need some help with identity theft just call State Farm.




A friendly, fun-filled approach to what is an increasingly serious issue – cyber fraud, this spot


Back in 2012 State Farm launched the first ad in this series – featuring the twins Chris and Cliff both being brilliant at assisting, but getting separated at birth.


Chris developed into a world-class basketball player known for his passing, while Cliff became an incredible assister as an insurance agent.



Of course, one shouldn’t take the creative approach too seriously, but the narrative of this latest spot doesn’t quite fit the storyline.


It’s still pretty funny and still fairly effective – after all, even the NBA itself plays along with the gag on its own media channels.





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