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April sees Innocean Worldwide Canada teamed up with Sons and Daughters director Mark Zibert, VFX house Alter Ego and Saints Editorial to create the 60-second spot ‘Hop On’ for Cycling Canada.


‘Hop On’ shows a series of bikes in various scenarios, without riders.


As they zoom around tracks, down country roads, or over mountainsides, the pace and music crescendo.


More bikes join the caravan as the spot concludes, encouraging riders to “hop on” for a bicycling adventure of their own.



The spot is part of a larger campaign that aims to position the organization as the heart of cycling in Canada.


It’s supported by print and social media elements, as well as a campaign microsite.


Alter Ego also provided a making of video for the spot (featured below), if you’re curious how they pulled it off.




It’s a simple idea and executed well


It certainly makes for an visually interesting way to promote cycling in Canada.




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