Indian World Cup TV Broadcaster’s ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spots Go Viral

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The India v Bangladesh ICC Cricket World cup 2015 Quarter Final saw the best commercial yet in official Indian broadcaster Star Sports game-by-game TV spot series called ‘Mauka Mauka’.


This, the latest in a set of quirky ads, focused on the India game against Bangladesh and continues the ongoing campaign theme that the tournament is really a matter of India v The Rest Of the World.


The spot sees the Indian cohort headed by Bollywood actor Sanjay Mishra face-off, well sing and dance=off against a Pakistani cricket fan leading the ‘entire world’ team.


Whilst it features fans of Bangladesh, South Africa, Australia and other teams all singing along to the Mauka-Mauka anthem in the background, the real musical battle is between Indian and Pakistan.


India v Bangladesh (1.8m YouTube views)



The entire campaign is proving hugely popular and has exploded across social media throughout India.


Indeed, the YouTube statistics for each spot to date have certainly been impressive.


India v West Indies (1.7m YouTube views)



India v Pakistan (2.8m YouTube views)




India v UAE (1.3m YouTube views)





There is little doubt that these spots are fun, shareable and that they have captured the public mood in India.


The concept of Mauka ad campaigns was created by the Star Sports in-house team and it has been such a hit that not only are Indian fans looking forward to every match to see what the new ad will be, but after these ads went viral Star Sports increased the TV ad rates to Rs 20 lakh for 10 second spot within the matchday coverage.


They are rolling out in parallel with Star Sports’ other (altogether more serious and more typical of sports campaigns) ICC World Cup coverage campaign called ‘Wont Give It Up’ (referring to India as defending champions).



which is also being fronted by famous former player commentators such as Kapil Dev.



and Shoaib Akhtar





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