Embroidered Tapestry Fronts Royal Ascot’s ‘Like Nowhere Else’ Campaign

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History and tradition are key pillars in the positioning of British horse racing and to celebrate its history the creative for the Royal Ascot 2015 Festival promotional campaign, called ‘Like Nowhere Else’, is built on a specially commissioned tapestry.


The handcrafted embroidery celebrates the heritage of the self-styled ‘world’s most famous racecourse’.


‘Like Nowhere Else’, which has been created in harness with agency Antidote, focuses on four key pillars of the Royal Ascot experience – racing, pageantry, style and fine dining – and the Lauren DiCioccio tapestry explores all these areas.


Launched in late February, to promote the flagship 15 to 20 June Royal Meeting, the campaign runs across TV, radio, press, digital and social media.


But is it the embroidery that sits at its heart.


The tapestry itself is being displayed at various carefully selected locations to promote the event, while a series of print ads feature sections of DiCioccio’s work and feature the tagline and campaign title ‘Racing like nowhere else.


A Behind-The-Scenes webfilm explores how the tapestry was created.



A central ‘Racing Like Nowhere Else’ TV spot, rolling out in the Spring, tells the stories within the embroidery to show off the exciting nature of a day at the event.



This is further supported by a set of online films focusing on each of the four event pillars:


‘Style Like Nowhere Else’.



‘Dining Like Nowhere Else’,



and ‘Pageantry Like Nowhere Else’.



Plus a more rounded ‘Discover Royal Ascot’ spot.



The campaign is further supported by a website where users can explore the work in more detail and learn about the stories behind it – see www.ascot.co.uk.


And it also runs across the rights owner’s social media platforms.



The initiative even stretches through the at-race communications as well as being monetised through a merchandise line.


The campaign’s lead creatives were Toby Derham and Egle de Vilutyte, with creative direction from Teddy Keen.


AMS Media Group was the media agency.


Juliet Slot, the commercial director at Royal Ascot, said:


‘The concept of creating a tapestry felt distinctly elegant, original and unique. Lauren has crafted the most beautiful tapestry, which has brilliantly achieved this aspiration,’ explains Roya Ascot commercial director Juliet Slot.


‘Antidote have developed a fully integrated campaign, which will allow us to take our customers on a journey of engagement through a variety of rich media, video and other visual references. It is the first truly 360º campaign we have developed for The Royal Meeting; an event like nowhere else.’




This Royal Ascot campaign, for one of the key traditional society events of the British summer, follows last year’s ‘Great British Drama’ painting-led campaign (which focused on capturing the sense of thrill and excitement by dramatising its history and diverse audience) – see previous case study.


But this 2015 campaign builds on this by highlighting exactly why Royal Ascot should continue to be considered in this renewed light and to reassert Royal Ascot’s rich offering.


The craftsmanship with the embroidery beautifully emphasises the attention to detail and the long-standing traditions that goes into every element of the event.




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