Newcastle Brown Ale’s 2016 Super Bowl Teaser Already

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‘Prepare yourself to prepare yourself’. So says Newcastle Brown Ale as its rolls outs its 2016 Super Bowl teaser 52 weeks before the Big Game.


With tongue firmly in cheek, the online spot claims that it is ‘going to change the way you wait for big game ads forever’ and will include all the hottest trends of 2016 such as ‘space blogging’, ‘3-d printed party sharks’,  ‘fibre optic deodorant’, ‘telepathic horse races’ and, yes, ‘high speed cheese’.





There is getting an early jump on the competition and then there’s dominating the empty post Super Bowl landscape (the NBA All-Stargame not withstanding of course).


Of course, this spot launched technically more than a year away from the 2016 Super Bowl.


The next Super Bowl will take place on 7 February 2016.


But who’s counting?


This campaign further extends the brand and its agency, Droga5, heritage for Super Bowl innovation.


Its track record began last year with the ‘Mega Huge Big Game Ad’, it never made and continued last week with its original ‘Band Of Brands’ collective Super Bowl spot (supposedly funded by a group of 37 different brands).


‘We’ve seen overwhelmingly positive press coverage, and the feedback from social media has been encouraging,’ says Newcastle Brown Ale’s brand director Priscilla Donhert.


‘Last year’s campaign offered a big lift for Newcastle sales and trial intent – initial results look positive and we’re counting on the same effect this year.’




2016 Countdown Website:


Newcastle Brown Ale YouTube


Newcastle Brown Ale Website


Droga 5 Website

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